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Business Plaza

Project Overview

A Powerful Multisite for Business Plaza!

Business Plaza appointed WebAlive to develop a website that could accommodate their large base of clubs, schools and community groups. WebAlive constructed a multisite platform providing all their custom needs.

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Company Overview

Business Plaza is a not-for-profit organization engaged in fund raising activities for sporting clubs, community groups and schools in Australia and overseas. It plays the role of a local media network which provides an opportunity of cost effective advertising to the community for the local businesses that support those communities & clubs in return.

The Challenge

The client deputed WebAlive to develop a system that would work as a platform where community groups, clubs and local businesses could easily interact with each other. Each of the parties will have unique identity on the web under Business Plaza. Communities, groups & clubs will obtain their own website (sub-domain) while local businesses will get a chance to be listed on the website and show their advertisements to communities. There should be a powerful admin panel to manage all these groups, clubs, schools, advertisers and a lot of data. The design and user interface should be built with enhanced functionality and features to accommodate all the parties with their different needs.

Our Approach

Being committed to deliver the best in the market, WebAlive set out to build a platform under Multisite Concept; we found it perfectly suitable for Business Plaza. Adopting this strategy will allow each community groups, clubs and schools to have their own CMS with certain features to upload & manage their data & content. Whereas, the local advertisers can register and advertise their products to the selected schools & clubs. Business Plaza has also got a robust admin panel for custom control, approval & monitoring the activities initiated by all parties. A unique feature on website is the Club Locator which has been beautifully embedded in Google Maps linking to the sub-domain of each club or school.

The Technology

  • agile


  • drupal


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Business Plaza

Key Features

  • Multisite functionality (capable to launch sub-domain quite easily).
  • Each sub-domain functions as independent CMS.
  • Clubs managing and approval functionality.
  • Unique Club Locator & Search functionality.
  • Membership and email communication option.
  • Package & ads creation.

The Impact

Business Plaza is a solid platform now that can easily accept future extensions for any local sub-domain and can support unlimited number of groups, clubs, communities & advertisers. Under the flagship of Business Plaza, the clubs & schools can interact with their members & advertisers. The website itself has precisely demonstrated the objective of the organization.

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