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Project Overview

An Ingenious App for Reed Graduations

GradPak is an intuitive iOS App designed for Reed Graduations that offers graduation photography services to students, graduates & their families. Being triggered by the insight that consumers are using new technologies and exploring new brands, Reed Graduations assigned WebAlive’s web application development team to build a new App that would cater to all the graduation photography needs, and deliver it to the fingertips of the students. GradPak has successfully been able to deliver that commitment, leading to more conversions for the business.

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Company Overview

Reed Graduations is one of the oldest and most respected photography studios in Melbourne, Australia specialising in Graduation Photography services. The studio offers professional photography services to students, graduates & their families with a choice of products. It has also been servicing universities both within Australia and overseas with a range of graduation ceremony offerings.

The Challenge

Reed Graduations has always kept their focus in line with emerging new technology and innovative practices. To add a new dimension to their products and services, Reed Graduations decided to create the GradPak App to bring their services to the palm of the customers’ hand.

Reed Graduations researched on iPhone and iPad popularity among students, that helped them develop ideas for their software which could be used to engage the users with their products and services. The App had to be developed in conjunction with main website which was already popular among the graduates. In order to keep the users connected, the App would be able to provide the users with current information about different graduation ceremonies and events, allow them to book Tickets and Regalia, enable them to track their transaction details while on the go and incorporate a live stream and interactive social media features as the students spend a better part of the day on smartphones and iPads.

The crucial requirement was to create a user experience on both the iPhone and iPad that holds the user’s attention consistently which, in turn, would extend the period of time spent on the App and compel the user to buy Reed Graduations’ products and services. The App also needed to be able to communicate with the backend system seamlessly so that the admin staff could act immediately on any transaction.

Our Approach

WebAlive’s experienced web application development team started with a simple iPhone App format where the initial concept was mapped out for GradPak development. Our thorough research and work on sitemaps and wireframes proved to be very effective to proceed with the core App development. Meticulous attention was paid to the logic of each process and the end usability both in the front and back end.

The website development team worked and collaborated extensively with the Reed Graduations team to form a User Interface that would be able to craft an intuitive user experience. The web design team came up with sleek and engaging aesthetics to keep the users connected. The key focus area of our web designers & developers was to let the information flow between Apps and the main website so the experience remained consistent throughout.

The Technology

  • agile


  • drupal


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3



Key Features

  • Displaying categories university wise
  • My Docket section to track orders
  • Live feed
  • Geo locator
  • Car parking
  • Regalia & Ticket booking
  • Book & buy products & services

The Impact

GradPak has been regularly updated and becomes more powerful day by day with new features and functionalities. As Reed Graduations is diversifying their business, GradPak is easily incorporating those changes and new technologies because of the solid skeleton the WebAlive team has provided.

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