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SGUA – St George Underwriting Agency

Project Overview

A Simple Powerful Business Solution for St George Underwriting Agency

WebAlive provided a powerful highly interactive, yet simple to navigate web solution for St George Underwriting Agency. The solution manages insurance of various types of properties from full time rental and owned properties to units of resort complexes and holiday homes.

This system basically stores and manages data of various insurance products and claims. A user can easily decide which product to choose among the various options. The system can also guide the user to choose the right product for the specific purpose.

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Company Overview

St George Underwriting Agency (SGUA), licenced by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), has been acting as a contract insurer and managing the risk acceptance and claim functions of insurance since 1991. SGUA emphasises the importance of providing prompt claims services and excellent service.

The Challenge

It was clear to SGUA that they needed to go from the static website to a dynamic and highly user interactive system that would help users to get the right product with the right specifications at the right time.

The system would not only allow the users to choose the best product but also allow the insured to create a new claim through a set of well managed claim sections of the site. The underwriter should also be able to manage all the user inserted data from the back-end of the system to review and take any necessary steps or decisions for the proper flow of the business.

Our Approach

WebAlive’s experienced web developers used SCRUM methodology throughout the project for better management of the project. Analysing the different scenarios and the business logic, the team adopted a framework for the system to operate it in a user friendly way. The system effectively offers all the services of the agency. In addition, a number of interactive forms of the system guide a user through the processes in an easy and flexible way. The back-end management system of the website gives a total statistical view of all the user data. Besides, from the back-end the staff at SGUA can manage essential features and content of the front-end website, which paves the way for a better understanding among the internal users as well as their customers.

The Technology

  • agile


  • CakePHP


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


SGUA – St George Underwriting Agency

Key Features

  • Management and guidance to user for insurance services.
  • Claim management for damaged products.
  • Tailor-made suite specific needs.
  • Agent and broker management system.
  • Back-end management for admin and insurer users.
  • Content management.
  • Interactive menu with responsive design.

The Impact

SGUA has been highly satisfied with the total business solution provided by WebAlive and its design and development team. Also, the excellent client response and satisfaction towards SGUA led WebAlive to believe the quality and flexibility of the system is a perfect fit for the business.

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