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Outdoor Emporium

Project Overview

A Functional ecommerce Website for Outdoor Emporium

Outdoor Emporium looked for a robust eCommerce system that would effectively display their wide range of quality garden statues, garden pots and planters for the customers Australia wide. WebAlive developed a streamlined website that facilitated their management process and elegantly displayed their wide range of products in a series of enticing categories.

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Company Overview

Outdoor Emporium was established on 2004. From the very beginning of their business their goal has been to supply quality garden pots at great prices. They are always looking to bring new products to the market at an affordable price.

The Challenge

The objective of Outdoor Emporium was to build an eCommerce website that would help them achieve their business goal and give customers a superior user experience. The website should efficiently categorise their wide range of products as well as would be easy to navigate. In addition, the customers should be able to find and purchase the desired products with ease. Therefore, secure payment transaction and simplified checkout process were crucial to the website. The backend also had to be streamlined and easy to use so the admins could easily manage the site’s content, add or remove products and keep visitors up to date with the latest events.

Our Approach

The expert web strategists at WebAlive thoroughly analysed the goals, project requirements and the target audience before implementing our robust development and e-Commerce methodologies. The wide range of products were organised in a series of intelligent and enticing categories. The design and development team integrated Virtue Mart eCommerce platform, which would expedite communication with the customers. This, in turn, would make the product management as well as order management easy to handle. The web development team also adopted Joomla and PHP to ensure the requirements are met exclusively.

In order to engage the visitors to the website and improve the shopping experience of the customers WebAlive integrated a number of intuitive features including placing enticing calls to action at prominent places, a FAQ page, an onsite blog and a search option that would allow the visitors to easily find their desired products from a wide range.

The Technology

  • agile


  • Joomla


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Outdoor Emporium

Key Features

  • Strategic categorisation of the products.
  • Onsite blog.
  • FAQ page.
  • Custom product price.
  • ECommerce features.
  • Easy product and order management.
  • Secure Transaction.

The Impact

Outdoor Emporium was very pleased with the approach the WebAlive team took for developing an easy to manage strategically functional website. The website successfully fulfilled all the requirements of their business goal and they appreciated efficiency of the intuitive ideas and strategies that WebAlive implemented to enhance their web presence. They were also very satisfied with customers’ interest and response towards their business.

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