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Pud for All Seasons

Project Overview

Social Media Marketing Success for Pud for All Seasons!

Pud for All Seasons, a specialized handmade pudding manufacturer in Australia, ran a Facebook Campaign with the help of WebAlive’s Social Media Marketing team that brought tremendous success to sales.

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Company Overview

Pud for All Seasons is a small business specialising in the production of homemade puddings, sauces and various other festive gourmet food products. They cater for domestic and corporate orders with personalized puddings and chocolates made with a unique blend of contemporary flavours.

The Challenge

Traditionally, the products of Pud for All Seasons have been very popular through the Christmas months, however traffic and sales naturally fell away during the offseason. Therefore, the client was seeking to develop a social medial strategy that will tap into the customers in digital space throughout the year. Keeping the upcoming Christmas in mind, the company was keen to set out their social media marketing with Facebook campaign by which they wanted to keep customers connected offering their products.

Our Approach

To capitalise on interest in the lead up to Christmas, WebAlive and Pud for All Seasons worked together on a campaign that gave Facebook users the chance to share a ‘pudding sin’, with the most original confession each week receiving a free pudding! The campaign was promoted via Facebook ads and on the Pud website. The ultimate goal was to connect with fans and maximize sales in the lead up to Christmas.

The Technology

  • agile


  • webcommander


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Pud for All Seasons

Key Features

  • Social Media Profile creations.
  • Targeted Status Updates
  • Users engagement activities.
  • Running FB campaign.
  • Promoting website.

The Impact

Engagement from Facebook was very positive throughout the campaign and increase by almost 80% during the period of the campaign. Traffic to the website also increased upwards of 10% compared to the same period the year before, which has put Pud for All Seasons in great shape heading into Christmas.

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