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Send It Easy

Project Overview

Send it Easy got Live Chat support by WebAlive

WebAlive recommended Send It Easy a ‘Live Support Chat’ system that was very intuitive and user engaging. The Live Support Chat was developed considering the business focus of Send It Easy and to provide the customers an effortless accessibility to the service information.

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Company Overview

Send it Easy is a Melbourne-based logistics specialist providing local and international delivery services, freight forwarding via air and sea, inventory management and a host of other services aimed at helping people transport goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Challenge

The ‘Live Support Chat’ project objective was to build an online chat application and incorporate it to the client’s existing portal. Ideally, the client wanted this application to extend their support base to a significant level, making the service information available to all the potential customers visiting their website. They wanted a flawless back-end and front-end user/customer engagement through the application. The client also required advanced reporting and data archiving features in the back-end.

Our Approach

WebAlive built a simple and smart Live Chat Support system for Send it Easy that could easily be integrated with the client’s portal. This live chat product from WebAlive comes with numerous features to grab the visitors’ attention and encourage them to interact more expressively. The application lets administrators/agents to track the visitors’ conversation in on or offline mode quite easily. The users both front-end and back-end can interact with each other, share files, see chat history and much more in this apps.

The Technology

  • agile


  • wordpress


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Send It Easy

Key Features

  • Allow a Visitor/Agent to initiate a chat/group chat anytime
  • Facility to share files
  • Able to Rate the service quality of an Agent
  • Ability to send chat history to any email address
  • Have provision for visitor to send message even if the agent is offline
  • Support Agent Management
  • Advanced reporting functionalities

The Impact

The outcome of the project was splendid as it met the business objective of Send It Easy by translating into more sales and higher conversation rate. Moreover, the system has widened their customer base substantially which resulted more customer queries, feedbacks and contacts.

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