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Pud for All Seasons

Project Overview

A Streamlined ecommerce Website with a Simplified Purchasing Process & Visually Appealing Interface

‘Pud for All Seasons’ commissioned WebAlive to develop an ecommerce website to cater for the growing demand for their products all around Australia. The business had outgrown its humble beginnings, and Pud found the need for a fully responsive solution to offer new and old customers the option to purchase on their smartphones and tablets.

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Company Overview

‘Pud for All Seasons’ is the result of a stay-at-home mum turning a hobby into a part-time job and eventually into a business producing thousands of Christmas puddings per year. WebAlive has worked with ‘Pud for All Seasons’ for several years, providing not only an e commerce website solution but also valuable Search Engine Marketing solutions.

The Challenge

The new website would need not only to provide a simple, straightforward way for customers to select their pudding of choice, but it would also act as a way for the business to collect, track and manage orders, no matter how many were received. This would free up time for staff to tend to other matters such as cooking and preparing stock, sending off orders and promoting the business at fairs and markets. It would be a crucial step in taking ‘Pud for All Seasons’ to the next level.

Our Approach

The ‘Pud for All Seasons’ website was developed on the WebCommander platform, offering intuitive and easy to use navigation so customers would not only be able to purchase through the site but would also be able to locate distributers and the markets Pud would be visiting throughout the year.

The platform allowed the layout and purchasing process to be clean, concise and simplistic, enabling shoppers to easily browse the puddings in stock, while the back end CMS gives Pud the flexibility to set a variety of different shipping rules by price, print out orders to fill, automatically send receipts and keep an eye on stock levels and income.

The Technology

  • agile


  • webcommander


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Pud for All Seasons

Key Features

  • Responsive design
  • Simplified purchasing process
  • Customer and catalogue management
  • Easy content and design layout update and management
  • Easy inventory & stock management
  • Management of payments and shipping
  • Marketing, promotion, SEO and SEM

The Impact

‘Pud for All Seasons’ new ecommerce website was launched just before December, the busiest time of year for the business, maximising the amount of sales coming from smart phones and tablets and making it easier for fans to find Pud at Christmas markets. The CMS made it easy for Pud staffs to manage orders in the back end and keep track of inventory and stock.

The new site is streamlined and very easy to navigate through, with a straightforward purchasing process and visually appealing interface. The e commerce site was more than capable of handling all of the incoming orders over the Christmas period and was a very valuable part of Pud’s overall success.

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