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Reed Graduations

Project Overview

A Powerful Website with Self-manageable Features

Reed Graduations commissioned WebAlive to build a custom e commerce website that would bring together their numerous products and services in one platform and meet their unique needs. WebAlive has been able to provide them with a robust system that covered their full requirements.

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Company Overview

Reed Graduations is one of the oldest and most respected photography studios in Australia specialising in Graduation Photography services. The studio offers professional photography services to students, graduates and their families with a choice of products. It has also been servicing universities both within Australia and overseas with a range of graduation ceremony offerings.

The Challenge

Reed Graduations’ objective was to build a customised, robust ecommerce website that would provide users a streamlined experience when booking a photography session and buying graduation photographs and other products online. The website would contain superior usability from a user perspective while the admin panel would put the power in Reed’s hands enabling full visibility and efficient manageability. Reed Graduations also required their products and services to be fully integrated in one platform unlike their existing practice of serving the stakeholders through different platforms which had been proved to be difficult to maintain.

Our Approach

Given the complex scenario of integrating all the products and services and incorporating various admin functionalities, WebAlive adopted a modular design and architecture system to deal with this project. After a round of research and developments and effective collaboration with the tech savvy Reed Graduations team, we developed a series of flexible core components that could be efficiently assembled to get the expected build, leaving room to accommodate future requirements. The customised and robust user interface allowed both frontend users and admin staffs to interact efficiently with the system. We used a state-of-the-art design approach that best fulfilled the objective of the business while evoking a compelling feeling in the user’s mind.

The Technology

  • agile


  • CakePHP


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Reed Graduations

Key Features

  • Customised product & category creations
  • Different services booking features
  • Student & order data upload & export
  • Unique Report functionality
  • Unique reference code generation for online photography purchase
  • Registration & user admin panel
  • Creating university wise sub-domains

The Impact

The client has been extremely happy with the powerful self-manageable e commerce features and functionalities at the backend where all the admin staffs can co-ordinate and communicate with the customers effectively. Student data management, event management, reports, auto email options and customer support are just a few functionalities that have reduced Reed Graduations’ processing time leading to increasing efficiency.

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