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Chadstone Mitsubishi

Project Overview

Strategic Content Marketing Led First Page Ranking on Google for All the Campaign Keywords

Based on an integrated digital marketing strategy, WebAlive’s online marketing experts helped Chadstone Mitsubishi to achieve first page ranking for all their campaign keywords, increasing leads from online marketplace.

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Company Overview

Being one of the leading Mitsubishi dealerships, Chadstone Mitsubishi is proud to oversee an award-winning Mitsubishi franchise for the South Eastern Melbourne. Chadstone Mitsubishi employs factory-trained professional staff, has modern facilities and a customer-focused approach, providing with the best options from their sales, finance and services and parts teams. They are frequently mentioned in local media as a reliable and up-to-date car dealer in Melbourne.

The Challenge

From the very beginning, the client was very keen to get leads through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns with WebAlive. After a careful investigation of the site, our web marketing experts found out that the contents were not strategically organised, the site lacked optimisation for keywords and metadata was absent for the landing pages. In addition, dis-organised site structure and link-profile in important regional directories were also identified.

Our Approach

Our online marketing team started out with a functional, visually appealing website that WebAlive had built for Chadstone Mitsubishi. After a thorough analysis, our SEO team split the problem into two parts: On-site optimisation including content optimisation with proper keyword frequency and building high value structured citation.

The real challenge was to transform the website from eye-catching to people, into a highly optimised site to search engine robots. The SEO team strategically optimised meta information, revised page content for all the landing pages, analysed and implemented conversion worthy keywords and created SEO friendly URL structure.

After that the team devised an effective content marketing plan and posted high quality articles focusing their products, service, industry updates and more. Each article was planned targeting the campaign keywords, and appropriate anchor texts were linked to relevant webpages. In addition to that extensive social media activities in popular platforms were conducted.

The Technology

  • agile


  • Joomla


  • php


  • mysql


  • bootstrap


  • html5


  • css3


Chadstone Mitsubishi

Key Features

  • Strategic on-site optimisation.
  • Effective Keyword analysis.
  • Online Market Research.
  • Competitor Analysis/Link Audit.
  • Search Engine friendly website.
  • Effective Social Media marketing.

The Impact

Chadstone Mitsubishi trusted the online marketing strategies our experienced web analysts adopted and within a short period of time, almost all the campaign keywords were ranked on the first page of Google’s search results. They have already out-numbered their competitors in keyword ranking with increasing incoming traffic to the website.

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