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Villa Kipas is a luxurious private Villa located in Seminyak, Bali offering rental services to a wide range of visitors. With modern Balinese architecture & well-furnished accommodation, Villa Kipas invites tourists especially families or couples, to indulge in luxury living.

The client’s expectation was to own a website that will accentuate the unique personality of ‘Villa Kipas’ with all its Balinese and modern amenities. The website itself would be able to attract visitors who would be looking for luxury accommodation on the web for their tour to Bali; thus generating leads and bookings.

The client liked to keep the website sleek and clean yet enticing that would differentiate ‘Villa Kipas’ in the crowded online marketplace or in Google/Bing search results.

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Our Approach

We have offered ‘Villa Kipas’ a responsive website with a high impact interface that contains background sliding images portraying the beauty of the Villa’s unique features, facilities and environment. The sleek and simple design of the website conveys the magnificence of the Villa it really deserves.

Our developers have very intuitively integrated a weather forecasting widget that shows off the live weather climate condition of Bali to help the visitors plan ahead. Building an easy to navigate website, WebAlive then integrated all the essential information that a visitor would look for.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive website
  • Weather widget integrated for live weather forecast
  • Booking or reservation option
  • Social media sharing option
  • Customised location map

The Impact

After testing the functionality of the website and the ease with which customers could search for essential information, Villa Kipas was very pleased. The eye-catching and user-friendly responsive website has helped enhance their online presence leading to increasing revenue.

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