WebAlive Gives APTO’s Website a Modern Makeover

WebAlive Gives APTO’s Website a Modern Makeover

April 23, 2017, 1 Mins Read.

We have recently redesigned the website for APTO (Association of Practical Theology in Oceania), with early feedback already being very positive. APTO is a professional organisation of practical theologians that reside in the Oceanian nations. It was formed in 2004 by the regional members of the International Association of Practical Theology.

APTO was an existing customer of WebAlive for many years but wanted to update their online presence to better showcase their work in the community.

An update was needed to make the website more useful and informative to visitors while remaining easy to use with a simple layout. We redesigned the website accordingly, utilising the features and versatility of the WebCommander platform to do so.

Key Requirements

APTO wanted the website to present a clear overview of the organisation and have all the core features of a responsive, modern website. The website also needed to list their current publications and conference-related news, with a  flexible contact option and easily accessible social media buttons.

Their main requirements were:

  • The use of large scrolling banners displaying custom image.
  • All of the old pages (public and hidden) to be retained in the new site.
  • Member login functionality should remain exactly as before.
  • Easy-to-access social media buttons and a basic contact form.
  • Responsive and easy to navigate.

Our Solutions

By analysing APTO’s requirements and the problems with the rather dated, previous website, WebAlive was in a good position to deliver an effective redesign that increased usability. The website needed to be easily accessible for regular and prospective members, and have a modern look and feel.

The following features were introduced to make this happen:

  • The website was designed using WebCommander and we’ve also added some custom JavaScript to give the site a fresh new appearance.
  • All pages from the previous site were properly migrated to the new site.
  • The login functionality remained the same.
  • The website is now completely responsive with an improved navigation bar.
  • Social media buttons are prominently placed at both the header and the footer.
  • A flexible contact form was added that shows error, warning or success messages based on user interaction.

redesign apto site , before-after image

You can have a look at APTO’s new site and judge it for yourself at Additionally, contact us to learn about other recent projects or to discuss your own online needs.

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