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Whether it be building a website or an enterprise application that revolutionise how businesses function, we have the creativity and experience to help you craft and develop your ideas.

Website Design

Stand out from your competitors with self manageable, technically advanced, intuitively designed websites that look stunning across all devices and screen sizes.

Ecommerce Web Design

We make easily scalable custom built ecommerce sites, that exceed the expectations of your customers, allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.

CMS Development

We provide innovative customized CMS solutions that enable you to understand and organise your information efficiently providing great control, flexibility and analytics.

Responsive Web Design

Our responsive sites combine great usability with incredible performance. No matter what type of site you are looking for, we ensure maximum accessibility for your visitors.

Our Proven Website Development Process

Creating a successful application or website requires a combination of creativity and vision, good communication between all parties and technical savvy. Our decade-long experience has helped us design a proven development process that ensures we get the best possible result that exceeds or meets your expectations.


The website development process starts with the planning phase. First, the project manager will help you complete the brief, which allows us to best understand your vision and the requirements of the project. We then help you organise your information architecture, formulate a content plan and come up with a suitable user experience model. In-depth research is conducted to identify your target demographic and competitors. Finally, we create a detailed project plan and timeline with actionable strategies to achieve your goals.





At this stage, our design team starts laying out the structure and interaction model of your site. We take a closer look at the wireframe, then review, improve and finalise the UI concepts. At every step, we keep an eye on your brand image and make sure the final outcome is consistent with your brand’s look and feel. Our expert UX team reviews the process at multiple stages.




Depending on the requirement and how tech-savvy you are, we will recommend a suitable platform for your website. Next, our team will populate the website according to the content (text, images, product catalogue, etc.) that you have provided. We provide a demo URL where the team will work on your website, allowing you to stay up to date with the development process.

Going Live

After getting your feedback and making necessary changes, your website is ready to go live. We run several tests to make sure your site is working properly across all devices and all popular browsers. We also test the performance of the new website and make sure that all design requirements are met. After that, your site goes live. We provide you with training that covers all aspects of managing the website.



Maintenance and Support

In many cases, you may want us to maintain your website for you after it goes live. We offer a number of maintenance options to ensure your website can be quickly and efficiently upgraded should you require any changes down the line. Our industry leading support team is always ready to help you in case you run into any problem or need assistance with your site. A simple phone call will connect you with our friendly team, who are always glad to help. Our maintenance service encompasses a wide range of related services such as search engine optimisation, PPC advertising and social media marketing, which aim to maximise the reach of your website and attract more potential customers.


Ongoing Improvement


Choose the Platform that Best Fits Your Needs

We make our platform recommendation based on several criteria such as your current and future business plan, project budget, site maintenance process and your own technical ability to manage the platform. We specialise in the following:

  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • HTML5
  • PHP

Why Do Most Websites Fail?

Trust and credibility issues

Your website must be able to establish a sense of trust and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers. Through our experience in online marketing and UI design, we have a good understanding of the key elements that convey credibility on a website. This consideration is just as important as making the website aesthetically appealing, despite the fact that it is often overlooked.

Disregard for customer interests

Many websites spend too much space on self-description without focusing on what interests the customer. If your customers don’t find your site appealing and engaging, it’s not going to succeed. Before building each site, we conduct market research to understand your target demographic and what they are looking for aesthetically and in terms of information. This ensures that your website retains visitors for longer and leads to a higher conversion rate.

Lack of experience and process

Both front-end coders and back-end developers can take shortcuts to put together a site that apparently works fine. But without substantial technical knowledge, your site will suffer from slow page loading speed, browser incompatibility, broken links and security failures. Our strict developing process that ensures all industry standards are properly maintained, emphasising search engine and mobile friendliness.

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