15 Examples of Excellent Medical and Healthcare Website Design
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15 Examples of Excellent Medical and Healthcare Website Design

May 16, 2021, 7 Mins Read.

The success of hospitals and healthcare providers depends on the quality of their service. But in an age where most of us look up information online before making almost any decision, a well-designed healthcare website is no less important.

Most of the people visit a hospital website to get information. So these sites must be very user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely well-organised with a pleasing aesthetics.

Based on these criteria we’ve listed some of the best medical and healthcare websites, mostly from Australia. Any website for a doctor’s clinic or a hospital can follow the good parts of these sites.

Let’s take a look:

1. The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The website of the Royal Melbourne Hospital combines traditional website design with the usability best practices. The result is a regal and trustworthy look that goes well with their storied history of 170 years.

They present all the information that a patient or general visitor might need in great details. This makes their homepage very actionable and encourages the visitors to interact with the site.


2. Fitwise Physiotherapy

The first thing that pops up to your mind when viewing this site is how uplifting the design is. High-quality positive imagery is used throughout the site to send a positive message. The website provides information related to their services and timetable. There is also in-depth information about various physical problems.

A combination of soothing colour scheme and friendly images makes it one of the best medical websites in Australia.


3. The Alfred

The modern design of The Alfred focuses on highlighting the positive impact of their physicians and researchers. Their homepage shows many powerful images of medical professionals helping their patients.

Positive and active images are used throughout the site while presenting all the necessary information. Thanks to a balanced use of text contents and visuals, it never feels cluttered.

They maintain a specific colour theme and design style in all their pages giving the site a unified brand voice.


4. Northern Health

This hospital website utilises the ‘feel-good’ aspect of human perception. Like their logo of a lotus, the homepage gives off a sense of serenity thanks to its beautiful use of white space.

The same quality is maintained throughout the site. Visitors are able to collect their necessary information easily and quickly.


5. Greensborough Road Surgery

Simple, yet effective. The website of Greensborough Road Surgery shows that you don’t always need a complex medical website design to be best.

Their site offers quick and easy navigation, precise information and welcoming imagery on every page. These ease the visitors’ worries. The site is very mobile friendly and provides an excellent user experience.


6. Huntingdale Dental Clinic

The website for Huntingdale uses a compact design and jumps right into the fray. A visitor can find all the basic information at the bottom of the homepage carousel.

Their strength lies in the excellent use of call-to-actions throughout the site. The homepage displays a quick and simple appointment form beside their working hours.


7. The Royal Women’s Hospital

Their website, from top to bottom, aims to appeal to women, even the colours. The banner displays positive images and messages on motherhood.

The female-friendly design comes with an organised presentation of services and facilities to quickly provide what most people seek. There is also a comprehensive support page to help women who have faced violence.


8. Macquarie University Hospital

One of the unique websites among the healthcare providers. Macquarie University Hospital designed their site to highlight their focus on scientific research.

That is evident by looking at their homepage. The site uses striking images of individuals with geometric insignias placed in them. Background of the website also employs geometric shapes to reinforce that message.

Other pages of the website detail various advanced procedures and equipment available at the medical facility.


9. Lifecare

The fact that Lifecare has branches all over Australia is quickly highlighted on their website. It is the first thing people see. But it also works as a strong call-to-action. Visitors are encouraged to find a location nearby and book an appointment.

The website uses impactful images that show happy faces of the patients receiving physical therapies at Lifecare. The right choice of design elements and colours give this site a soothing aura.


10. NYC Health+ Hospital

The website of the NYC Health+ Hospital is colourful, positive and easy to use. From the homepage to the Contact us, every page will bring a smile to your face.

The website uses amazing heart-warming images to highlight their great attitude. They also showcase their social media activities and encourage visitors to engage with them. A strong focus on diversity and capability instantly click with the visitors. People are able to quickly find which doctor can help them, how and when to reach them as well as their speciality.


11. Olathe Health

Olathe Health

Olathe Health has a website that reflects competence and value delivery effectively.

In their website, finding a location, getting details of a doctor, accessing portals and bill payment are all accessible in the above-the-fold region. Their phone number is clearly visible in the navigation bar at the top. This button is interactive; so visitors can place a call directly from their website.

The banner section plays videos, which show people who seem satisfied with their service. Such videos would help engage their site visitors. One of the best qualities of their website is, it is clutter-free. It effectively highlights the desired actions they would like their visitors to take. As a result, convert a significant portion of their monthly visitors.


12. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Dynamic homepage banner, powerful images, uncluttered design and amazing background – these are what got this site a place on our list. The design is further reinforced with the use of impactful words in the banners.

The website’s high-quality background complements the content and colour scheme on every page. Everything is presented in great detail to ensure the visitors get the information they are looking for.


13. Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospitals website takes a bit different approach in their choice of imagery. Instead of friendly and welcoming feel, they opted to go for a sophisticated look. Their designs, content structure, images all convey the same message – ‘You are in capable hands’.

Their homepage prioritizes engagement over other things. Quick links with necessary information and emergency contacts are highlighted at the bottom right.


14. St. Andrew’s Hospital

Always in motion, always active to take utmost care of their patients. That is the motto of St. Andrew’s hospital, and that is the message their website represents. Every image on different pages highlights their dedication to providing quality health services.

Not a large website, but big enough to provide necessary information. Simple and quick navigation means you’ll be able to find what you are looking for with ease.


15. The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation


This entry in our list isn’t technically a medical service provider, but they are an organisation that is dedicated to improving children’s health. The foundation works diligently to research new medicine, offer education and transform healthcare for children.

The website’s homepage is using a looping video banner to showcase the positive impact of the foundation. With powerful words and happy faces of the children, it is tough not to feel emotional. It’s colourful, uplifting and wholesome.



A lot of private hospitals have passable and uninformative websites. Here, a greatly made site will set you apart. Unlike other business that uses social media to create hype, as healthcare providers, you need a website that will help people in distress.

Each of the healthcare website mentioned here focuses on user-friendliness and has the appropriate design philosophy that makes them the best medical and hospital websites in Australia. If you are in the health service, these should be considered as great examples for your own website.

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