Get live chat on your website. Engage more visitors.

Why Should You Add A
Live Chat Feature to Your Website?

Hassle-free live chat for
customer support & business growth.

Enhanced sales

Customers can have their purchase-related queries answered on the spot helping to boost sales and creating improved customer loyalty.

Better customer support

Offer a superb customer experience and be able to resolve customer issues quickly and simultaneously, improving your customers satisfaction.

Higher reliability

The live chat option on your site tells your visitors that you are always available and within reach. This improves the reliability and trustworthiness of your business.

Live Chat Features

Fully customisable chat box

You will have complete control over the chatbox’s appearance on your website. You can personalise the chat widget to suit your branding by adding your own logo, headshots, and even greet your visitors with a customised welcome message.

Let visitors know if you are online/offline

Set your business hours to let your site visitors know if you are available for a chat by showing “Online” or “Offline” status in your live chat window. You can also set a custom message that your visitors will see if they try to chat when you are offline.

Have a complete visitor and chat history at your disposal

You can see how many people from which locations visited your website. Along with that, you can see how long they stayed on your website. This feature also informs you how many return visitors you have had and the chat sequence that took place. You can also filter visitor data using specific filters of your choice.

Assign multiple responders

Assign multiple agents to attend the live chat ensuring you never miss a chat and allow agents to respond to multiple customers simultaneously, which makes chat a formidable ally in your quest to provide great service.

Set up auto response

Set up pre-made automated responses to a wide range of queries. This feature is easy to set up and very useful for keeping your visitors engaged.


Enable live chat on your website from $550 inc GST
upfront and $55 inc GST per month.

Setup Fee (One time payment)

A$550 (inc.GST)

Maintenance Fee (Per month)

A$55 (inc.GST)