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With more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record behind us, the WebAlive team can help you create a visually appealing, robust ecommerce website that converts. Our fun designs, engaging layouts and straightforward checkout options make things easy for your customers. Your management needs are met, with a hoard of features at your fingertips integrated into an intuitive backend that gives you full control.

  • Fully customised design and development to fit with the needs and aesthetic value of your business.
  • Secure shopping cart with multiple payment methods and shipping options.
  • Easy integration of leading accounting, billing and marketing tools.
  • Built to maximise customer satisfaction while minimising your costs and time spent on admin.

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Designing an Effective Ecommerce Website

Customised to reflect your brand

A unique, creative design not only attracts customers, it also creates an impression for your brand. We fine-tune every aspect of your digital storefront and build a brand connection that transforms visitors into loyal consumers.

Intuitive and easy

We take the utmost care to make sure visitors enjoy a smooth, enjoyable experience with your ecommerce site. Design expectations can vary from industry to industry. We conduct the research to ensure our custom-built user interfaces are intuitive and inviting, made especially for your target market.

Feature-rich to meet your needs

Our e-commerce sites are highly customisable with a myriad of useful features to make selling easy. We offer plenty of innovative ways to add value to your buyers’ shopping experience and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Our Approach to Ecommerce Design

Building an ecommerce site isn’t exactly rocket science. But to be successful, it’s essential to conduct extensive research, devise a sound strategy and have the technical skills behind you.


Success in the ecommerce environment doesn’t happen by chance. Your online store should be built according to the latest design and UX standards. Our ecommerce designers and developers are highly trained and experienced in this area and understands the important role that the research process plays in shaping the look and feel of your online store.

Strategy & Planning

In order to be successful, you must have a good understanding of your market. Looking at how your competitors are selling online and the strategy they have in place can help you define a workable roadmap to success. Whether it be in their marketing efforts, the way their website is set up, pricing or how they deal with shipping, it’s a good idea to know and learn from your competition.

Applying Analytics:

A modern ecommerce website development should be responsive not only to screen sizes but also to the behaviour of the target market. WebAlive’s Google Analytics certified team can assist you in collecting data and taking reactive and proactive measures to get the best out of market trends without breaking the bank.

Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

Multiple payment methods

Your ecommerce site should have multiple payment options to make it convenient for your customers. We can easily integrate any payment method or gateway if your choosing, and provide recommendations if you are unsure what’s suitable. Giving your customers a wider choice of payment options can actually increase your sales. Obviously, you might have a personal preference on which ones to include, or you may not be set up to receive payment via certain methods. But be aware that a proportion of customers will abandon a store on the payment page if their preferred payment method is not available. So it’s in your best interests to include as many as possible.

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Advanced shopping cart

Cart abandonment is the nightmare that every ecommerce site owner wants to avoid. With our advanced shopping cart optimisation, we ensure that your customers experience a smooth, frictionless checkout that minimises the rate of cart abandonment. Allow your customers to check out as guests or open an account if they choose to. Using persistent cookies, we can save the shopping cart in cases where the customer gets distracted and doesn’t complete the purchase. Upon returning, the customer can find the items conveniently available in the cart as they were before. This is a proven method that increases sales over the long run.

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Better search and filtering capability

Nicely optimised search and filtering options can help your customers find exactly what they need. The search bar of your site should show a list of popular related products whenever a potential customer types a product related keyword. Similarly, when a customer views a product, a list of related products should appear at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry if you find this complicated. Our expert team will configure your site to automate the process. Of course, you can also manually add items to the suggested product list, if you have something specific in mind.

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Easy customer management options

Each of the ecommerce sites we design come with built-in customer management tools. In addition to the standard features, you may like to add features such as the live chat functionality, email subscription options, specialised shipping profiles, specific tools for analytics or any other custom option you prefer. Just ask our team.

In your ecommerce dashboard, you can easily view which products are most popular with your customers according to views and sales. Answering customer queries and handling their requests are also made simple from the back end. Various customer management options help you take care of your valued clients and keep them coming into your onsite store.

Designed to maximise sales

At the end of the day, the purpose of your ecommerce site is to sell products. A conversion friendly website designed by an experienced ecommerce agency goes a long way. We help you select the perfect visual style for your online store that suits your products and brand image. Your ecommerce website should give you the option of running sales campaigns, whether that be the promoting of specific products, special offers or encouraging customers to create wish lists, for instance. Our ecommerce designers can suggest and integrate a wide range of enticing options to keep things fresh and interesting.

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WebAlive gave us some great development ideas and recommendations to start with. We are extremely happy with the ecommerce site they built for our business. A lot of problems came along the way, but there's nothing we've come across that WebAlive couldn't solve

Michael Condos

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Ecommerce Web Design FAQs

Does WebAlive provide ecommerce services for clients all over Australia?

Even though our headquarter is in Melbourne, we work with clients from different parts of Australia including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. We will maintain close communication with you via email, IM, phone or any other channel which is convenient for you.

Can I see my website while it's in progress?

Sure! We can provide you access to your site as it gets built on our development server. You can see how your site is getting developed and provide feedback on the fly. Once you approve the final version of the site, we make it live and take.

How secure will my ecommerce site be?

We consider security to be an integral part of any site, especially when it comes to ecommerce. Each of our websites uses AES 256 encryption to provide for the secure transfer of data and complies with PCI DSS. You can choose any payment gateway or third party payment processor of your choice.

Can you help me with online marketing?

Yes. Our SEM team provides complete paid and organic search engine marketing campaign for your ecommerce business. We are also experts in social media marketing, ensuring maximum reach for your products.

How much will it cost to develop my ecommerce site?

As we provide customised solutions to each of our clients, the cost depends on your project requirements, design directions and feature requests. Please contact us to discuss your project and we’d be more than happy to give you a ballpark figure once we understand the requirement.

Will I be able to self-manage my ecommerce site after it gets built?

Yes. We not only develop sites that are easy to manage but also gladly help you learn how to manage your site once it goes live. Our aim is to make managing your ecommerce site as easy as possible. From adding products to creating newsletters, we’ll customise our platform management system to make sure you can easily handle your site all by yourself. Plus, our friendly support team is always ready to go the extra mile if you need any help.

Do your company offer custom ecommerce solutions for enterprise level businesses?

Absolutely. We provide fully customised ecommerce solutions for our enterprise level clients. Our team of designers and developers are always ready to push the limits and make your unique ideas a reality. We can custom-build any feature or functionality you need for your ecommerce site.

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