We build WordPress websites that
can help you build your business

Whether you want to showcase and sell products, build a simple brochure website or you're looking for custom WordPress development with sophisticated features such as member-only pages, forums and plug-ins, our team has you covered. All of our custom WordPress website designs are responsive, meaning they adjust seamlessly according to the device they are being accessed from.

Working with a user-friendly platform, to begin with, enables our WordPress website designer team to complete every project quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on completing WordPress design and development projects in as little as 4-6 weeks provided that content and feedback is given on schedule. Online marketing is of utmost importance if you want your business to be discovered. When designing a WordPress website, we ensure that the foundation is laid for you to go on and begin Search Engine Optimisation or Pay-Per-Click campaign in the future, as well as providing social media compatibility. Ask about our online marketing packages!

We provide ongoing support to keep your WordPress website current with technical upgrades. Though WordPress can run on older PHP 5.2.4 servers, we recommend that you use the latest PHP 7 for maximum performance. If you have a previous version of PHP in your current site, contact us to upgrade to PHP 7.

It begins with planning
and discussion

Involves sitting down and discussing the direction to take with your WordPress website, both in terms of design and cosmetic features, functionality and what the site is trying to achieve within the context of your business. You'll complete a brief and provide information from which we can conduct research and formulate a detailed strategy.

Built by experienced WordPress
designers and developers

Based on our discussion, we deliver a number of often very different concepts that will provide you with an idea of how the user interface of your website can look. Based on your feedback and with your collaboration, we make adjustments, and once you are happy with the look and feel, we move on to the WordPress web development.

It's time to build the website! As well as developing the front and back ends, this involves taking all the content, images, videos and products you have provided and populating them on the new responsive interface. You'll be provided with a demo version of the website so you can track progress and make any suggestions to our WordPress developer team.

The WordPress platform is very user-friendly, and generally, we develop websites in such a way that nearly every aspect is manageable by you once completed.

Testing, training and updates

Modern WordPress website development can be very complex, and more often than not there are going to be small bugs here and there that need to be ironed out. Before handing over the site to you, our testing team goes through the website thoroughly to ensure everything works as it should. You will also be a part of this process as you start to use and experiment with the website.

Once everything is signed off, we provide comprehensive training to make you an expert on the regular or custom WordPress website backend. Remember, we're also available for support at all times if you have any questions!

Why choose WordPress?

If you haven't had too much experience working with websites and content management systems, choosing a platform that fulfils your needs can be a bit confusing. Obviously we can advise you the best way to go, but WordPress is usually an excellent choice for almost any type of website.

There are a lot of advantages that come with using WordPress, both from the perspective of the user and the developer, and it remains one of the most widely used website platforms available today. Some of the reasons you might choose to build a WordPress website are listed below.

Ease of use

There are a number of website owners that aren't necessarily tech-savvy, but need to be able to make changes to their website quickly and easily. WordPress is known as one of the easiest platforms to use. Whether you're adding text, new pages, images, products or changing simple design features, WordPress makes it easy to manage the website without any knowledge of coding.

Cheaper to develop

How much does it cost to build a WordPress site? More often than not, WordPress web design is going to be more affordable, not only because there are so many design options or themes that can be used as a foundation, but also because it's so convenient and easy to use for designers too.

Depending on your requirement, developers may actually use some of the plugins that are available, meaning less time can be spent on certain development tasks. Contact us with your requirements for a custom quote.

Themes and plugins

While it's usually not recommended that you play around with themes and plugins if you don't know what you're doing, they can be helpful and offer a lot to your website too. WordPress has the largest quantity of plugins and themes of any platform, with third-party developers creating them and making them available. There are plugins that can help you install XML sitemaps and Google Analytics into your website, create newsletter options for visitors, make things more secure and create innovative custom forms. There are even SEO plugins that can assess how well optimised your website is and offer solutions!

It is probably worth discussing with your WordPress designer or developer before you start exploring what WordPress the theme design and plugin library have to offer, but the option is always there.

Regular updates

WordPress frequently releases software updates that ensure your website is fully secure, and up to date with browsers, etc. Depending on your perspective, you may see this as a negative rather than a positive. It's not simply a matter of clicking Update and reaping all the benefits; usually it's going to require a WordPress developer to get involved, especially if you have custom designed elements or plugins installed. This can mean it's quite costly to keep your WordPress website updated.

Be that as it may, these software updates demonstrate that WordPress is one of the leaders regarding security and innovation. There is no need to update your platform every time there is a release, and more often than not your website will be fine if you do so every couple of years or so. When you consider that some platforms have essentially stopped operating, meaning their clients have limited protection and the ability to update their websites without major headaches, you can see that WordPress is doing it right.

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