16 Amazing Examples of Real Estate Website Design
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16 Amazing Examples of Real Estate Website Design

October 22, 2019, 14 Mins Read.

Since the dawn of time, human beings have appreciated beauty and effectiveness. As a result, we’ve kept an upward trend of development in both art and technology.

This same trend continues in the virtual world. When people find a website that’s beautiful and caters to their specific needs, they keep coming back to it. The real estate industry is no exception. With 4.38 billion people already using the internet, it is near obligatory that all businesses, including real estate agencies, have their websites up and running.

Since a person spends around 6 hours 42 minutes online each day, it is only sensible that a website with fantastic aesthetics and value delivery will be able to rake in and retain more customers. It’s of paramount importance that a real estate agent knows what components of their website make it stand out.

Since having a website designed and developed can be a significantly daunting task, we have decided to present to you websites that are already successfully running. If you like any one (or more) of them, all you have to do is share the link with the web design company of your choice. If they are competent, building a website based on your choice samples (and providing custom features) from our site list would be no challenge for them.

Thus we have found out over 60 running websites. We have ranked them on the overall design, visual aesthetics, user interface, user experience, colour choice, and features provided.

Our filtering process boiled our initial list to 16, which, according to us are the best real estate website designs.

Have a look and decide which ones are to your liking.

1. Landlord Assured

What sets Landlord Assured apart is its darkened background, which is also a video. This ensures that visitors remain engaged for a longer period of time, and are more likely to click the bright yellow CTA. The heading is simple and utilizes large font. Unlike many other sites, which have a short paragraph as the subheading, this website lists the attractive features of Landlord Assured, arranged vertically.

This makes them easier to read, conveying information without causing stress. Instead of another yellow button, they have used a ghost button at the top right for contact purposes. The time-sensitive announcement on the top bar adds some urgency to click on the large CTA and get an instant valuation.


2. Rex Homes

For Rex Homes, user experience was a key driving factor when having their website designed. The hero banner image is that of a beautifully lit family house, spacious enough for 4-5 members. Their target clients are usually around this size.

In their headline, they have chosen to display Homes for Sale, Sell with Rex & Buy with Rex, along with their contact number. The CTA button “See If You Qualify” is also on display within a quick mouse movement. In the mobile version of the site, these elements are all within the reach of the thumb. This feature makes it very easy for visitors to interact with their website.

There is also a dedicated bright orange button that lets visitors send them messages. The site lets visitors know how many people have liked their Facebook page, which promotes social trust.


3. Toll Brothers City Living

The moment you log onto their website, Toll Brothers City Living welcomes you with a video chopper-view of the dazzling skyline of New York City! It also boasts one of the cleanest home pages in the world.

Toll Brothers City Living has managed to achieve this in three ways:

  • Placing all relevant and necessary navigation bar items into a hamburger style menu.
  • Making the entire bar hover-sensitive. This way when the mouse is moved to the top region of the site, the hamburger opens up revealing its contents.
  • Using a heading and sub-heading which are short, to the point and as elegant as the skyline in the video.

Their enhanced emphasis on the aesthetics will leave any visitor spell-bound, with no choice but to scroll down or click “SEE THE PROJECTS” to explore what’s offer!


4. Home Light

Unlike its predecessor, Home Light Florida has decided to keep their above-the-fold content as clean as possible. The hero banner, which shows a neighbourhood in Florida, is actually the background against which all content has been placed. This content only includes a simple yet elegant headline, a search field to find agents to sell your house and a sub-heading, which gives the site an uncluttered look.

Since the search field is at the centre, visitors would feel compelled to type. Furthermore, all the buttons at the top are actually drop-down menus. This also contributes to the clean feel of the first contentful page.

Their key feature, “HomeLight Simple Sale”, which lets people find an estimated sale price for their house in two minutes and also exposes their house to pre-approved cash buyers, is embedded in the “SELLERS” button at the top.


5. My Agent Finder

Keeping lead capturing at the core of its site objective, MyAgentFinder has placed the search field (which comes with search suggestions) at the centre of the home page. There is a simple animated arrow which prompts visitors to tap the button.

At the top there aren’t any buttons distracting a visitor from using their search function; the only item at the top is their phone number so people can call right away by tapping/clicking. This contact number also helps convert visitors into leads.


6. Foxtons

We instinctively associate our homes and neighbourhoods with peace, calmness and prosperity. The video background of Foxtons, UK speaks to this instinct.

The same theme led Foxtons to choose yellow and green as the primary colours for their logo, CTA and so on. The “Buy” button, indicated by the red box, has a drop-down menu that allows visitors to choose the duration that they would like to rent a house.

Just like this button, the search field is multi-functional in the sense that it lets you search for a home by area, postcode, school or station. Right over this bar is the search criteria which lets you find houses based on your location, travel time etc.

In addition, this website boasts a one-line sub-heading and rating based on reviews from over five thousand people.


7. Brookfield Residential

When planning to buy a house on an island as prominent, vivacious and heart-warming as Hawaii, you’ll most likely be looking for blue sky, green groomed fields, open-deck houses and palm trees.

This is what BrookFieldHawaii shows you when you visit their website, generating desire and immediately making you hungry for information about houses in Hawaii. Thus they have placed bright buttons for live-chat and contact purposes at the top and bottom right of their site.

Besides the easy contact feature, they have placed all their social handles and blog into a drop-down menu at the top along with other relevant buttons such as “About Us”, “Find your Home” and “Explore By Island” which facilitate home search.


8. Fisher Real Estate

In an attempt to deliver excellent user experience, FisherNantucket has taken several initiatives.

One is putting market-related information such as market analytics, market reports and recent activity all bundled into a drop-down menu labelled “Market Insights”. In addition to beautiful and disciplined aesthetics, it also implies their long-standing experience in the industry.

Another element is the button text at the top. Instead of the usual “Contact Us”, it says “Have a Broker Contact Me” which sounds more personable and will encourage people more to get in touch.

Last but not least is a real-time video view of the main street and surrounding vicinity. Nothing attracts attention while conveying information as much as video. They seem to have understood the importance of this fact.

After the first scroll, visitors will find a property search option that lets them choose the minimum and maximum price they would be comfortable with. Below this is the market activity section. As indicated by green and black boxes, properties can be viewed by status along with featured properties. Each picture has information such location and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, the pictures are clickable and lead to corresponding properties.



When it comes to creating value while retaining an engaging look, JOHN TAYLOR has done a fine job. After logging onto their website, visitors are greeted with a video showing some majestic architecture and beautiful places like the Alps and a beach.

The above-the-fold content only features a search bar that can be used to find real estate for sale and rent. The buttons at the top are hover-sensitive. That means you do not need to click on them to open the drop-down menus. Among these buttons, there is one at the top right that lets you choose the language for the site. These placed against a white background which means they do not distract attention away from the centre.

The “More Options” button below the right end of the search bar opens up a small box on the same page. On this window, you have the option to choose the type of property you are interested in, the number of bedrooms you want in it and the range of budget you would be comfortable with.


10. Residences-Immobilier

Even though Residences-Immobilier does not welcome its visitors with a video in the hero banner, it more than makes up for this with a clean navigation bar. With only five items in small font placed at the top left and right corners, the nav-bar is rendered almost transparent. In this way, maximum user attention can be directed to the “FIND A PROPERTY” CTA.

Let’s talk about their search bar. When you click on the CTA, a search bar with multiple criteria (buy/rent/short-term rent, house/apartment and location) opens up on the same page.

The hamburger menu has many important options for visitors such as properties on sale, short-term rentals, magazine, contact options and so on. As Residences-Immobilier specializes in luxury properties, they have chosen their site hero banner images accordingly.

We can see breathtaking pictures of the Mediterranean, an over-the-edge suspended swimming pool facing the horizon and a magnificent luxury home surrounded by greenery.


11. Domain

Unlike others on this list, Domain has put relatively little emphasis on aesthetics. However, they have more than made up for it with extensive value delivery in the content-full print! In fact, that is the reason they are on this list.

First of all, you have the means to easily find home loan lenders. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find repayment, stamp-duty and equity fees using on-site calculators.

Domain also lets you make an informed decision through their research materials. These include advice, reports, sold properties and property-price estimates. These can be found in the “Research” tab in the navigation bar.

That is not all. On the site, you can find resources on utility connection establishment, insurance policies, home price guides and profiles of the suburb you intend to buy a house in. These can be found in the “More” drop-down menu.

The button titled “Filters” on the immediate left of the large green “Search” button lets you open up a pop-out window when clicked. This window contains a range of filters to narrow down your search. Have a careful look at these in the pictures below. These definitely improve user experience and would be worth implementing on your own real estate website.


12. Real Estate

The best real estate websites have one basic feature in common. They provide users with the option to search for a property by types, minimum and maximum number of bedroom., in its attempt to be useful to its visitors, has incorporated this feature as well along with some more.

What helps stand apart from its rivals is that it has kept its “Home Loans” button in the first fold of its website. The subheading is engaging as well! When visitors see that they can be granted loans from people they know, they want to learn more!

There is also the option to search by the property value. When the tab “Property value” is clicked, the background changes to a beautiful white house in the suburbs. The search results include not just listed houses, but also graphical data.

Last, but not the least, allows visitors to search for roommates and rooms for rent; the “Share” button takes people to the corresponding page.

As you can see, they have taken great care in choosing the background image. This picture speaks of friendship, sharing and fun; all associated with having roommates.


13. Tommy’s Real Estate

When deciding to buy or rent a house, a key factor for most people is the distance of the property in question from his/her workplace. Keeping that in mind, Tommy’s has placed a drop-down menu button in the centre position of their website that allows their visitors to choose their office location when searching for houses.

Their home page background selection is splendid as well! All the pictures they have chosen speak of the family fun and happiness that people expect from their own homes.

Additionally, they have also placed the button so that their valued visitors have access to a greater number of search criteria. Upon clicking, it pops out a window while keeping the user on the same page.

This window opens up with more filters for search convenience. These filters include city, suburb, property type, minimum and maximum price, number of bedrooms and baths and so on.

One of the items worthiest of mention on their website is the highly visible “BOOK A FREE APPRAISAL” button; standing out as it is green set against a white background. This is likely one of the reasons behind their high conversion rate.


14. The Home Like

If you want an example of a mesmerizing website that also retains enviable levels of usefulness, you’ll want to visit The Home Like. The background shows a neat studio apartment, conveying a sense of comfort and taste. Furthermore, there are nine clickable city buttons below the search bar in the centre.

When clicked, these buttons take users to a separate page with property listing locations on a map. To enhance user experience another notch, they have made it possible for visitors to contact via the one-click buttons in the picture above.

Another feature is the animated typing of the city names in the subheading at the centre. People will naturally focus attention here. A simple yet elegant way of increasing user engagement!

What must be mentioned is that on the immediate left of the search button on the home page is the “Move-in date” field which pops out a calendar when clicked. This is very helpful for people who are in a hurry to relocate.

At the bottom of the first fold, we can see the key features of their services, which makes placing trust in them that much easier!


15. Verde Real State

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many does a video speak? Verde Real State has placed a video of a magnificent house with a long rectangular swimming pool in the hero banner section. It also shows a woman swimming, a gorgeous room and fantastic home décor among.

In this video, visitors get to see everything they would want in a house. There is a “wow” factor which inspires users to find similar houses on this site.

There are also buttons on the navbar that allow users to contact
Verde Real State via Skype or phone. At the bottom left, there is also the “live chat” button, so if users have any queries, the people at Verde Real State are just a click away.

To make the site more usable, there is an “Advanced search” button on the left of the large green search button, with the means for people to search for special features such as central heating, cooling, gym social club, swimming pools and so on, as shown in the picture below.


16. HAR

As well as trying to value pack their website, HAR has placed great emphasis on aesthetics. The brightly lit bungalow on the home page is evidence of their exquisite taste!

As if that weren’t enough, they have the option for visitors to search for houses by drive time, school locations and information in addition to sale/rent options, minimum and maximum price and a number of bedrooms and baths.

To take user experience a level above others in the industry, the “More Filters” button takes visitors to another page with an extensive list of search criteria which include architecture style, property size, and number and type of garages.

It also lets you choose amenities such as media room, spa, sprinkler, wheelchair access, study room, private pool and many others, as shown in the images below.



Every niche is unique, just like every person is unique. The website examples in this article are not to be copied exactly; based on the data you have on the people in your area, you can customise your website so that it aligns with their preferences.

Remember, forming good relationships with your customers will always be important if you want to be a long-term player; your website plays a crucial role in that, so take measures to build a website that facilitates such relationships. And enjoy the fruit of your success!

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