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Branding and Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design

Branding and graphic design is no longer an afterthought for businesses, it’s a must have that helps engage customers and help brands resonate with your client base. Good branding extends over all the platforms on which your business is visible, creating a coherent, well thought out identity.

From our office in Melbourne, WebAlive can help you determine exactly how to express what you want your brand to say. Our world class branding strategists will guide you through creating a comprehensive plan so you can establish your brand’s personality, attributes and emotional differentiators and express them in an engaging, compelling way.

  • Lean Enterprise Australia

    Lisa Warner, Lean Enterprise Australia

    We chose WebAlive because of their ability and willingness to work with us really closely in developing our brand and developing the way we want to move forward with our group.

  • Photo for Freedom

    Thomas Goldner, Photo for Freedom

    The Internet component of Photo for Freedom that WebAlive constructed for me has proven to be a major contributor in promoting and connecting with my audience as well as finding corporate sponsorship. As I’m seeking donations to provide housing, educational opportunities and medical services for vulnerable children and families, visitors to my website are moved to offer their support.

  • Logo design
  • Style guideline creation
  • Promotional material
  • Business stationery
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Marketing material
Brand Logo

Brand Logo

Your logo should be as unique as a fingerprint and should perfectly convey the look and feel of your business. Taking the time to work on a distinctly individual logo will set your business in good stead long into the future and is a sound investment.

Brand Name

Brand Name

WebAlive dedicates time to researching your business’ market and come up with ideas based on the brand’s personality and individuality. We then apply the science, taking into account different markets and your target groups to establish a perfect, uniquely created name that is simple, memorable and will resonate with your audience.


Communication and Promotion

WebAlive are experts at maintaining your brand image while creating dynamic, engaging products to help you communicate with your customers and clients. From business cards and shop signs to websites, apps and posters it is important you maintain a cohesive look and feel wherever you display your brand’s identity.

Brand Design

Brand Design Guidelines

A guideline maps out all possible uses of the brand logo, design elements, typeface and colour scheme and maintains a coherent look and feel across all contact points so your brand is recognised at a single glace due to the strong, consistent use of your visual elements.

WebAlive’s Graphic Design Process









We first dedicate the time to get to know you and your organisation, we analyse any competitors and develop a good understanding of your business. Based on our research on your unique industry and your brand identity, we develop a strategy custom designed exclusively for your brand. Our expert UX and UI teams start laying out the site's structure and begin formulating a concept tailored to your brand's individual look and feel. We construct the material that reflects your brand, populating it with all of your information like text, images and product catalogues. We work closely with you so everything functions exactly as you need it to.

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