Hotel Website Design: 11 Examples to Inspire Hotel Business Owners
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Hotel Website Design: 11 Examples to Inspire Hotel Business Owners

April 26, 2020, 13 Mins Read.

In 2018, 8 out of every 10 travel-related bookings were completed via a website or an app. And 9 out of every 10 travellers expect a personalised web experience when booking a hotel.

If you are a hotel owner or you wish to enter the hospitality industry, the above stats are highly significant for you.

What meaning can you derive from the above data? Well, there are two unavoidable insights for you to draw.

  • Your hotel needs a website designed for it.
  • The website has to be designed keeping the needs of your potential customer group in mind.

But how can you have such a site designed for your hotel?

If you go to an agency, what do you tell them? What features should there be on your hotel website? In this discussion, we are going to address these in detail with 11 excellent examples.

Some must-have features for best hotel websites

Before we begin taking you through hotel website designs, let us inform you some mandatory features a competent hotel website must-have.

Those are:

1. Stunning visuals

All the hotel websites must be graphically rich with videos, pictures, animations and other contents that grab the attention of the visitors.

Studies have found that incorporating high-quality visual contents increases the chances of booking by 225%. This data indicates that “seeing is believing” principle works perfectly in the hotel industry.

(Image source)

Here we can see that Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles ranked number one on TripAdvisor. It has a large number of pictures (716 to be exact) on the platform. This many pictures would keep visitors engaged for longer duration and eventually convert.

2. Easy to find CTAs

Call to Action or CTA is a button that allows the visitors to take a specific action. For a hotel website, these actions could be “Book Now”, “Have a virtual tour” etc.

According to our experience, easy to find CTAs is the most common web design feature not just for excellent hotel websites but any conversion-focused website.

A website visitor with a booking intent must find it easier to check hotel availability and make a booking.

3. Implementing the UX best practices

Building a hotel website that drives enough traffic is crucial. Remember, a website works just like a salesperson for your hotel.

Website of your hotel would need to deliver a memorable and pleasant user experience to convert the traffic. Such an experience is another way to stand out among competitors in the industry.

One of the most critical factors for a hotel website is to be mobile-friendly. It is found that 70% of the last minute hotel bookings are done through mobile devices, and hotel app has significant influence over buying decision.

Let’s have a look at the following graph the compares average traffic sources for hotel websites.

(Image source)

4. Easy to navigate

Visitors are not likely to waste their precious time on your website unreasonably. So web design of a hotel site must be done in a way that the visitors find it easier to navigate.

This way, the overall session time of the website will increase, and the bounce rate will fall significantly.

Here is a perfect example of an easy-to-navigate hotel website:

Image source:

5. Visible and clear marketing plan

Hotel and Hospitality industry often offers discounts and package deals throughout the year.

Incorporate these offers into the website in a way that it gets the needed attention of the visitors. Make the offers lucrative and clear to the audience that they don’t find the message vague.

6. Review of former guests

Most prominent hotel websites include reviews from former guests. These act as social proof and helps site visitors make decisions with ease.

7. Clear address and location information

Having a location on a website is a must for hotels. It helps the brand appear reliable to its visitors.

For the tourists, it is vital to know. They usually tend to book a hotel that is closer to all the tourist attraction. It saves them time and travel cost.

Having location data is especially important when there are chains of hotels in different locations.

For example, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts, a Swiss chain of hotels clearly shows its 37 branches in 17 countries on the website.

Source: Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts

8. Easy contact options

Ease of contacting a hotel through their website helps a brand bond with prospects quickly.

Natural ways of contact can be to place the business phone on the website with direct call option (people would be able to click on the number and place a call).

Another trendy option is to place the live-chat option powered by a chatbot.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas reported a revenue increase of 30% through the visitors of the website who interacted with their chatbot, Rose!

For the not so techy visitors, contact details are necessary. This is important for conversion as almost 66% of the fifty-five plus old travellers prefer calling the hotel before booking.

11 examples of best hotel website designs

We have covered the obligatory features of conversion-focused hotel websites.

Let us now look at real examples of hotel websites that have wonderfully implemented these features.

1. Hotel Casangelina


Hotel Casangelina is located on the high cliffs of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. This hotel offers its guests a beautiful and sublime view while relaxing in the pool on the hotel terrace. This is undoubtedly one of the best cliff hotels around the world.

The hotel’s website perfectly retains this authentic essence of this website.

This hotel’s website has a very minimalistic UI. It has a perfect blend of UI design and user experience. The typography of the site is exquisite! It perfectly represents the aura of this hotel.

It has a straightforward booking process. The scrolling is so smooth that the website visitors get a very smooth experience.

Just after landing on the website, the visitors get to see a video that shows the interior and the external views of the hotel.

On top of that, while exploring the website, the visitors get to listen to a soothing song that would entice any wanderer soul to visit Hotel Casangelina.

So, these are the highlighted features of this website:

  • Soothing background song.
  • Smooth Animation
  • Elegant typography
  • Video Illustration in the beginning.

2. The Hotel Mirabeau


Website of The Hotel Mirabeau is as captivating as the hotel itself.

Beautiful homepage graphics is what makes the website distinct. It has two merged photos that keep changing while showing an overview of the city.

The images on the site of Mirabeau are what travellers would see when staying there. Such realistic representation helps it convert a significant portion of their site visitors.

The website has a sticky header with a one-click book now feature, contact number and fixed menu. This hotel website does a great job in engaging and enticing its visitors with a background of a beautiful night wintery atmosphere.

Highlighted features of this website are:

  • Mouse cursor effect that changes the banner slide.
  • The diagonal transition of two homepage background images.
  • Easy navigation delivered by a sticky header.

3. Casa Cook Hotels


Casa Cook Hotels embraces a bohemian vibe that helps the guests to unplug and detoxify themselves both body and mind. This place is meant to let you stay in peace away from the rest of the world.

Website of Casa Cook conveys that exact vibe with perfection. It is mostly done through the pictures that show what you would expect when staying at this hotel.

All the pictures used on this site are of high resolution and pleasantly rustic. Calming activities like yoga and swimming are portrayed in the images. This website offers excellent storytelling with the copy it comes with. The typography is also smartly chosen.

Visitors can easily book a hotel with a visible hotel booking option CTA at the beginning. The sticky navigation menu also let the visitors navigate through the website with ease.

Highlighted Features of this website are:

  • Storytelling inspired website copy.
  • Alluring pictures that show the atmosphere of the hotel.
  • Easy to find CTAs.

4. Lake House


Lake House is located in Australia. It is a luxury lodging that also offers a restaurant, spa, hotel wedding events and cooking courses as well.

The website was designed to artistically encapsulates the versatility of the Lake House. With the fantastic UI design, the website perfectly conveys that this is just not something that would only provide accommodation.

As soon as you land on the homepage of the website, you will see a carousel of images. Each of the pictures has different CTAs. These CTAs will lead the website visitors to various offers like lake house hotel, restaurant, flat dairy firm, cooking school, spa and books on the history of the lake house for three decades.

Like Casa Cook’s site, it has a sticky navigation bar for intuitive navigation.

From the first carousel, you can directly navigate to the booking page. It is one of many conversion optimisation tactics Lake House website has employed.

This website also comes with a captivating website copy. Such copy facilitates smooth information delivery. Along with information delivery, Lake House’s site wonderfully exhibits its heritage.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • CTAs on Carousel with different offers for different services.
  • “Book now” CTA on the sticky header that gives the option to book a hotel, restaurant or spa.
  • Lucrative images with animation.
  • Easy Navigation.

5. The Gerald Apartment Hotel


This hotel is situated in Australia. To be precise, it is located in Geraldton. It is just a matter of two minutes of walk from The Town Beach.

The tourists tend to book this hotel through the website mostly. This website boasts a highly simplified and comfortable booking process.

The menu shows all packages, offers, functions, and exact location of the hotel with contact details.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Easy to locate “book now” CTA with large clickable real-estate.
  • Page-specific animation.

6. Conscious Hotels


Conscious hotel in Amsterdam tries to ensure sustainability in everything that they do. They are committed to encouraging their guests to make conscious choices throughout their journey.

Their hotel website thus has a calming and minimalistic theme.

Design of Conscious hotel website renders easy navigation like the others on our list. Visual hierarchy is also optimally implemented. A prime example of it is the easily noticeable “Book a room” CTA at the top-right corner.

A visitor can check the hotel availability on the homepage of this website. All four hotels in their chain are on display with information on the vacancy on a separate page.

Because of the multiple language feature, this website would be able to engage people from all corners of the world. You can do it at any stage of the scrolling as it is in the sticky header of the website.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Mult-language version.
  • Intuitive CTA copy that encourages visitors to take action.

7. Schweizerhof Zermatt’s


Schweizerhof Zermatt’s website is a beautifully designed one with amazing visuals!

The very first thing you would notice is the dot that follows the mouse cursor. This dot inflates when you hover the cursor over the navigation bar items.

Unlike the others on our list, the “Book now” CTA is a sticky vertical button. When clicked, it lets you choose a room, restaurant or spa. Images displaying the lavish interior of the hotel are on sliding display in below the fold section.

Visitors can choose the view the website English, French or Deutsch with just one click. The website copy is also very captivating with perfect fonts.

The menu leads you to different service options and shows you the contact details. After exploring the website, anyone would conclude that it is thoroughly customer-centric.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Special cursor design.
  • Change of language with just one click.
  • Visible CTA.
  • Great storytelling technique with a captivating website copy that engages the attention of the visitors.

8. Badrutt’s Palace


Badrutt’s Palace is located in Switzerland. The website of this particular website is a well-renowned one. It has got appreciation and awards because of its design sophistication.

Website design of Badrutt’s Palace is an excellent example of how a hotel can portray its elegance online. Website of the Badrutt’s Palace displays the scenic beauty of the hotel with a video of the interior and exterior of the hotel.

The unique approach this website has is that it offers the option to contact customer support. Support is provided via messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp.

The visual illustration of the site effectively conveys the elegance of the hotel in a manner optimised for conversion. Visitors have the option to change the language. They can easily book this hotel with just a few clicks.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Dedicated support through various social apps.
  • Visible CTAs.
  • On loop video on the background of the homepage.
  • Attractive animations.

9. Samsara Ubud


Design of Samsara Ubud’s website centres around its serenity.

This is a straightforward website with a very minimalistic design. The visuals focus on the greenery and scenic beauty of Ubud.

In the home feed, the website has an aerial view of the resort with beautiful green tropical forest all around.

There is a menu on the left, for letting the visitor navigate easily on the website. You can also book a room or a table of the restaurant easily from the visible CTAs.

The font and the images of the website add another dimension to the fantastic technique of storytelling used on Samsara’s site.

Highlighted features of this website are:

  1. Minimalistic design.
  2. The site focuses a lot on visual illustration.
  3. Captivating website copy delivers the perfect vibe of that area.

10. The Velvet Manchester


The website of Velvet Manchester is an ideal website for hotel businesses. Velvet’s is a very minimalistic website, but yet the overall feel of it makes it stand out among the rest.

There is a menu that is fixed on the left side of the website for smooth navigation to different pages on the site.

The much needed CTAs of reserving a table or a hotel room is perfectly placed. Besides that, a visitor has the option to place a call to their phone number.

Just after the welcoming message, a visitor gets to check the availability to book room on the intended date. Overall, Velvet Manchester’s website is a perfect blend of minimalism and value delivery.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Easy to find CTAs.
  • Storytelling through web copy and a suitable font.

11. Uve Langhe Hotel


This website is another beacon among hotel websites.

This hotel is located in the heart of Langhe of La Morra. Many prominent Italian culinary joints are located here. Thus, it earned its place on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural landscape.

Minimalism is at the heart of the design of this site. In the homepage, the vacancy information occupies a highly visual real-estate. The menu is there for easy navigation.

There are animations in different parts of the website that brings the site to life. The website copy also perfectly compliments the hotel.

Highlighted features of this website:

  • Minimalist web design.
  • Alluring web copy with the right font.
  • Sticky menu for easy navigation.
  • Dual language availability (English and Italian).

Wrapping Up

In the hotel business, having an interactive and adequately usable website is crucial. This where you get to display your hotel in the best light possible.

Your website has to be inviting enough to intrigue the minds of the. Having significant visual elements, excellent copy, and appropriate positioning of CTAs can increase the booking chance of the website significantly.

So which of the above eleven excellent websites would you take ideas from for your very own hotel website?

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