Importance of Google Plus for Business Owners
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Importance of Google Plus for Business Owners

January 13, 2013, 6 Mins Read.

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of Google Plus. When Google first launched Google Plus on June 28, 2011, many of us did not take it seriously and thought of it as just another Social Network to maintain and manage and participate in.

But soon everyone came to realise that Google plus is not just another Social Network, this is something different and soon after, we tried to get all our clients to join Google plus. Many of our clients are already on Google plus and some of the clients are still being hunted down to join the Google Plus page.

What Exactly is Google Plus and How to Use it for your Business?

So what exactly is Google Plus? How is it different from other Social Networks out there? Why must businesses get into Google Plus? Google Plus may seem a little like Facebook to inexperienced eyes. They have the same kind of features as post your status, links pictures etc. on your profile and these being visible to your friends/followers on their home networks, which Google calls circles. But there are far too many differences.

Google Plus was first launched on June 28, 2011. Currently, it has about 400 million users and about 100 million users are active every day.

Owned and operated by Google, Google Plus is a multilingual Social Networking and Identity service. As opposed to other common public networking sites which are usually utilized through only one web page, Google has described Google+ as a “social layer” made up of not just only one site, but rather an overarching “layer” which protects many of its online qualities.

You can sign up and log into your Google+ page very easily using your email account. Once you signup and log into Google, go to your Google+ page and create a business profile. Google will ask you to fill out a form with your recent information about you and your business. You can make posts, comment and check notifications on your desktop or laptop and any other mobile devices that allow you to use a browser.

Your potential customers can easily find your business information on Google+. With a lot of built-in features like sharing, hangouts and circles, your customers will find better information about your business when they search on Google.

The results to the right of the search results may include relevant content from your Google+ page. This can be your recent posts, photos and videos. Through posts and video hangouts, you can even Get face-to-face with customers.

They can also see who likes your posts or who shares them and what you share. This will tell you what is most important to your “friends.” The Google share button +1 can also be embedded on your website. Getting a +1 from your customers gives a separate “Page Quality” score for your website. This will change the way you get traffic.

Why must businesses get into Google Plus?

First of all, we need to be clear that the core of Google is Search Engine and that’s what it does the best search. Your potential customers are using Google to search and get information about a product from the convenience of their homes or offices before buying them.

About 83% of your customers are using this Search Engine to connect with your business, products, and services. Google is very successful because they provide the users with the best, most relevant search experience possible.

Search for Products and Services, comes SEO, keywords, keyword rankings and Google Indexing which impacts your business and sales of products. We have already established the fact that Social Media affects your SEO. Your Social shares and likes on Social Media and blogs now have an effect on how your website is displayed on Google search result and Search Engines take this into account while displaying a search result.

Google will rank your site higher depending on how important Google think your products and services are to people when they write or talk about it, share it or comment on it. Real impact that Google Plus has is not the same as Facebook and Twitter or any other social network. It is much more significant because when you +1 a blog or website, you are letting Google know that you like that and they will bring relevant sites to you when you search.

Getting Reviews from your Clients

Ok, so you want to sell more products and services, and want more people to visit your site. Yes, we all want that. To do that, you have to let your presence know and felt through the search engines.

When it comes to Social Media Networking, It all comes down to how many people really connect with you on a personal level. The more people like, comment or share your product, the more value it has with Google.

So the bottom line is getting as many comments, shares, likes form your customers as possible. It is really as simple as this. So we would really stress about getting more comments and reviews from your client and posting them on Google Plus Page.

Simple Tips for Getting Customer Reviews and Testimonials.

We will discuss few simple methods to get more quality testimonials or comments from your customers that will naturally persuade other users and generate new customers. With practice, every small business should become natural at it. Collecting testimonials should become a constant pursuit, a very important process in Internet Marketing.

We have few really simple solutions for getting reviews from your clients.

Free offer or discount coupons

Offer your clients some free goods or services and if they like your product or they are satisfied with your services, please ask them to visit your Google Plus page by clicking on this link (URL:) and post a comment on it. You may even hand them a card or coupon while asking them to post a comment or testimonial on your Google Plus page.

Get Testimonials as soon as possible

You should try to get your clients reviews at the point of sale or within the first week of sale because customers are mostly motivated during this period of time.

Contact your customers

Call your customer or contact via email after the sale to find out if they still carry the same warm feeling. Most of the time they will be willing to share their experience and It could be a follow-up testimonial that we could use for marketing.

Effective Testimonials

Personal and specific testimonials work successfully focusing on keywords. Vague or enthusiastic testimonials have no impact. Ask customers to describe how your product or services took away the sufferings and made your customers lives easier.

More personal information

Have your customers describe their relevant background. This makes it more personal. Most readers can relate to the customer’s experiences when they read them.

Get your clients Permission

Make sure that your clients don’t mind using their testimonials for marketing and they have no objections.

How Do I Get Zagat Score on My Google Plus Page?

Google acquired Zagat in September and started incorporating the Zagat scores into their review process.

In the words of Google, “Zagat scores and summaries are made from the reviews of millions of Google+ users”.

They are a fundamental part of the Google+ ecosystem and their goal is to provide users with a clean and quick summary of the places you care about. Google’s ultimate goal is to help you always choose the right place to go with Zagat’s expressive 30-point scoring scale and convenient, concise summaries of user reviews.”

So there you have it, few simple tips on Google Plus Page. Please continue to Google and have a very Happy New Year.

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