Our Most Popular Articles of 2018

Our Most Popular Articles of 2018

January 23, 2019, 2 Mins Read.

In 2018, we published many useful articles to help our readers. Our focus on publishing practical and insightful articles have brought us many new visitors, and we are glad that the readers have found our blog posts to be full of useful tips and tactics to grow their businesses online.

Here are our five most popular articles from 2018.

1. Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Website Design Company

cheap web design featured image

Many small or medium businesses look for cheap web design services but don’t consider the quality they might be getting or the problems they’ll fall into in the long run. Maintaining a low-quality website involves a lot more hassle than you might imagine.

While quality, affordable web design agencies do exist, they don’t advertise themselves as cheap web design companies. In this article, we discuss how to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability when choosing the right web design company for your business.

2. 10 Essential Components of a Small Business Website [with Examples] 

small business website - featured image

Small business owners often find it difficult to decide what their website should look like. So in this article, we present the essential components of a standard small business website with all the details and real examples.

Even if you have no experience in web design, this blog post will give you a basic idea so that you can communicate more effectively with your designer regarding your requirements.

3. Top 5 PayPal Alternatives for Online Businesses in Australia

logos of alternative payment solutions

Finding out the right payment solution is a big headache for many online business owners. Here we present five most popular online payment solutions in Australia (apart from PayPal) with all the details regarding their transaction fees, accepted cards, pros, and cons.

This quick and easy presentation of often hard-to-find information will help you get a clear overview of all your options.

4. Online Advertising Trends in Australia

online advertising australia

Online advertising is booming in Australia but which one will be most useful for your business? Our team has done the research, and this blog post summarises how different types of online ads are gaining popularity in Australia.

Drawing data from several local and international reports, we also show how Australian online ad market compare with other countries like the US and UK.

5. Australia’s Ecommerce in 2018: How Amazon Challenges the Retail Industry

In this in-depth article, we discussed the state of Australia’s ecommerce at the start of 2018 and how Amazon’s arrival was going to change the ecommerce ecosystem. Though published more than a year ago, this article will still give you a clear picture of our ecommerce landscape and how things are rapidly changing for online businesses.

The article contains many graphical presentations and insights which remains relevant in 2019.

So, there were our five most popular articles from the last year. Follow WebAlive on Twitter and Facebook to get more helpful contents. Also let us know if you need any help regarding web design, online marketing, or app development.

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