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Business Plaza is a not-for-profit organization engaged in fund raising activities for sporting clubs, community groups and schools in Australia and overseas.

Business Plaza appointed WebAlive to develop a website that could accommodate their large base of clubs, schools and community groups. Each of the parties will have unique identity on the web under Business Plaza. Communities, groups & clubs will obtain their own website (sub-domain) while local businesses will get a chance to be listed on the website and show their advertisements to communities. There should be a powerful admin panel to manage all these groups, clubs, schools, advertisers and a lot of data. We constructed a multisite platform providing all their custom needs.

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Our Approach

Being committed to deliver the best in the market, we set out to build a platform under Multisite Concept; we found it perfectly suitable for Business Plaza. Adopting this strategy will allow each community groups, clubs and schools to have their own CMS with certain features to upload & manage their data & content.

Whereas, the local advertisers can register and advertise their products to the selected schools & clubs. Business Plaza has also got a robust admin panel for custom control, approval & monitoring the activities initiated by all parties. A unique feature on website is the Club Locator which has been beautifully embedded in Google Maps linking to the sub-domain of each club or school.

Key Features

  • Multisite functionality (capable to launch sub-domain quite easily).
  • Each sub-domain functions as independent CMS.
  • Clubs managing and approval functionality.
  • Unique Club Locator & Search functionality.
  • Membership and email communication option.
  • Package & ads creation.

The Impact

Business Plaza is a solid platform now that can easily accept future extensions for any local sub-domain and can support unlimited number of groups, clubs, communities & advertisers. Under the flagship of Business Plaza, the clubs & schools can interact with their members & advertisers. The website itself has precisely demonstrated the objective of the organization.

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