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VC Living operates from the heartland of Australia. It prides itself for masterfully combining the personal touch and charm of a family run business with the efficiency of a large production company.

The client stressed its online presence in today’s competitive niche landscape should be forward thinking and a notch above the rest. We delivered accordingly and now can boast a site with state of the art design, easy to find products and pristine checkout process to name a few.

Each feature has been implemented with the customer and their needs in mind.VC Living does not just have marketable qualities to it, it is the embodiment of a skillfully made collaboration success story.

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Our Approach

No project starts without running a complete systems analytics and status inquiry of the site. As consistent with all our work, only a thorough and clinical implementation is necessary. We understand it is our goal here to distil what it is about the business that is most important and striking and that which the site should incorporate.

It does not stop there. Now we get into working especially to create a unique brand image for the company. With the base strengthened from a transition from a Web Console to WebCommander, which is our very own in-house and class-leading CMS platform.

The actionable goals set required for the site to be built from square one and onto a completed stage where it is both scalable and future forward.

Key Features

  • Attractive layout
  • Quick and efficient checkout process
  • Hassle-free delivery
  • Fully responsive site
  • Diverse product range and information
  • Excellent wholesale access opportunity
  • Easy member registration
  • Seamless social media handle integration

The Impact

Keeping in line with our mantra to deliver success, VC Living recognized the results spoke for what the site truly needed and represents the new possibilities in the niche. It immediately highlights the main categories, the top of the line products and gets its nationwide coverage message across.

In addition, VC Living expressed it is the site it wanted moving forward from here onwards which is consistent with their business and marketing goals.

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