Stronger Sales Teams

Stronger Sales Teams is a leading provider of sales training and coaching solutions designed to help sales leaders to boost their sales performance.

Project Scope

This Australia-based company is passionate about solving the problems of every sales team and giving them the training, they lack with proven methodologies and industry expert coaches.

From the beginning, they aimed to develop a modern and dynamic website that prioritised offering comprehensive information without sacrificing visual appeal. Placing significance on both functionality and content, their goal was to attain an interactive design, impeccable browser compatibility, seamless navigation, and a compelling showcase of business information expertly tailored to allure potential clients. Therefore, the desired outcome was a well-rounded design that effortlessly conveys essential particulars while highlighting their expertise in the field.


Our Solution

After considering the client’s requirements, we designed a site that seemed professional. With a blend of blue, orange and white, this site manages to appear sleek and elegant. Vibrant imagery has been strategically incorporated to infuse the website with dynamic energy, beautifully complementing the range of services offered.

The navigational bar strikes the right balance between noticeability and subtlety. Also, the strategically positioned call-to-action buttons effortlessly guide visitors in booking a free call or contacting the team for any query.

Product’s key features

Well-organised, easy navigation

User-friendly presentation of the information

Fluid layout

Highly-detailed service page

The Impact

The website of Stronger Sales Teams has surpassed all expectations since its launch, captivating clients with its visually striking and dynamic design. With a mere click, they are plunged into an absorbing experience that captures their imagination. As we focused on infusing the website with elegant simplicity and integrating top-notch visuals while maintaining a perfect text-space balance, the final outcome is a unified theme that creates a lasting impact.

However, the journey to this achievement was not without its share of challenges. It is our adept team of designers and developers who worked together cohesively to handle obstacles and achieve this remarkable success.

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