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SEO strategy tailored to your business

Search Engine Optimisation is going through continuous transformation. Best practice requirements from Google, Bing and other search engines are constantly changing, and it’s become one of the most fiercely competitive areas of online marketing. Helping brands rank in SERP while weathering such intense competition is where we specialise in. With over 15+ years of experience, we have achieved an excellent grasp in developing dynamic SEO strategies.

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A trusted partner by your side

We develop a strategic plan for your website and focus on improving your ranking for relevant keywords, which yields valuable conversions. The implementation work starts with ensuring that the proper fundamentals are in place. Is the design conversion-friendly and responsive? Is the content engaging and relevant? Once such foundations are in place, our Melbourne SEO specialists apply advanced and proven techniques to achieve long-term results.

Thorough SEO audits

First, we get a brief from you to have an understanding of your business. Based on the response, we do a comprehensive analysis of your site and your targeted users. Next, we research your competitors and find out the possible strategies to get ahead of them. All these information are compiled into an initial report. Combining this with your business goals, we create entirely customised search engine optimisation packages for you.

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Smart implementation of SEO strategy

At this step, we share our on-site and off-site optimisation recommendations with you. Our team will suggest some changes regarding the content, design and technical aspects of your site. Apart from these on-site optimisation techniques, we also start to work with a set of off-site optimisation strategies, including content marketing and link building. The plan we develop for brands undergoes rigorous review every month to maintain a competitive edge.

Regular maintenance and support

Without continuous maintenance, your SEO campaign will soon fail to keep up with the competitors, and previously successful strategies will quickly become obsolete. We continuously monitor your site’s overall performance and make necessary changes based on intensive data analysis. Our Melbourne SEO team regularly creates engaging contents, builds backlinks and citations to retain and improve your search ranking.

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