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Search Engine Optimisation is going through continuous transformation. Best practice requirements from Google, Bing and other search engines are constantly changing and it’s become one of the most fiercely competitive areas of online marketing. Like in a game of chess, you need to be able to put your strategy into effect in response to changing circumstances; there are no longer any short cuts!

You need a trusted Melbourne SEO company in your corner to stay competitive.

We develop a strategic plan for your website and focus on improving your ranking for relevant keywords, which yields valuable conversions. The implementation work starts with ensuring that the proper fundamentals are in place. Is the design conversion-friendly and responsive? Is the content engaging and relevant? Once the foundations are in place, our Melbourne SEO specialists apply advanced and proven techniques to achieve long-term results.

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Melbourne SEO Services for All Industries

SEO for Small Businesses

While there are natural differences between large and smaller markets, our SEO Melbourne team brings the same in-depth, research-centered approach to your campaign no matter the size and scope of our client. Whether you’re a start-up looking to expand or a business focusing on a local target demographic, our SEO services for small businesses have you covered.

With our extensive experience in search engine optimisation for SMBs, we’ll help your business earn a better ranking, get more targeted traffic and enjoy an increase in conversions from your local customers. We can help you rank better for local searches in your area and ensure potential customers find you in search engine maps.

SEO for Ecommerce

WebAlive is a top Melbourne SEO company with a proven process for ecommerce businesses that focuses on increasing the conversion rate and sale numbers, rather than simply bringing in more traffic.

Ecommerce websites have a unique set of requirements that distinguish them from an SEO perspective. They have more pages, there are usually more changes taking place day-to-day and there are simply more things that you can do wrong. We constantly monitor and tweak your website to ensure it remains in Google’s good graces. SEO for ecommerce requires more of a technical knowledge and is arguably more involved given that there are more pages and it’s a more complex site. It is also very data-driven, as maximising conversions requires careful reading and understanding of analytics.

SEO for Enterprise

Large enterprise level organisations usually have some kind of SEO strategy in place. But There are some particularly competitive markets where a more thorough approach is needed, with multiple team members working on the project to achieve rankings.

If you’re looking to target a more competitive or niche set of keywords or you feel the organisation has outgrown basic SEO, WebAlive’s enterprise packages may be suitable.

For enterprise-level projects, we develop detailed content and link building plans, as well as making a special effort to improve onsite elements and conversion optimisation. Insourcing is also a big part of what we do, handling the overflow of SEO and marketing work as necessary. For these kinds of projects, we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s company with a dedicated team of digital marketeers working exclusively on your project.

We are extremely fortunate that WebAlive came to us with some fantastic ideas and some great inspirations for us to get across our product to our local community. We would certainly recommend them to any person who is looking at developing and marketing a new website.

Adam Stambanis

Chadstone Mitsubishi - Melbourne, Victoria

Our SEO Process


First, we get a brief from you to have an understanding of your business. Based on the response, we do a comprehensive analysis of your site and your targeted users. Next, we research on your competitors and find out the possible strategies to get ahead of them. All these information are compiled into an initial report. Combining this with your business goal we create completely customised search engine optimisation packages for you forming the basis of our next step.


At this step, we share our on-site and off-site optimisation recommendations with you. Our team will suggest some changes regarding the content, design and technical aspects of your site. Apart from these onsite optimisation techniques we also start to work with a set of off-site optimisation strategies including content marketing and link building. We revise our strategies on a monthly basis, moving from general SEO methods to more technical and specific improvements as your search position keeps improving.


SEO is a continuous process. Without ongoing maintenance, your SEO campaign will soon fail to keep up with the competitors and previously successful strategies will quickly become obsolete. We continuously monitor your site’s overall performance and make necessary changes based on intensive data analysis. Our SEO services Melbourne team regularly creates engaging contents, builds backlinks and citations to retain and improve your search ranking. We always keep you updated about your SEO campaign by sending you regular reports on traffic and conversions.

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What to Look for in Melbourne SEO Companies

You might think there’s an abundance of SEO services out there. And you are right. But finding an agency that adheres to industry standards, delivers consistent results and has a reliable track record while still being affordable is not easy. Ask yourself these questions to distinguish a result driven, top performing SEO agency from the sub-par service providers:

1. Do they follow SEO guidelines?

A good SEO company will follow best practice guidelines to a fault. The days of trying to cheat and fool search engines are over. While there are SEO companies that employ black-hat or dishonest techniques to get their customers ranked, search engines tend to find out pretty quickly and things end badly. Make sure you work with a genuine, trustworthy Australian SEO company that is going to put in the work rather than take short cuts.

This means having a strict process in place. Your SEO company should be able to run you through their approach and have a long-term game-plan for improvement. A quality provider will stick to a proven process that they know works. If they don’t have a process in place, chances are they don’t know what they’re doing.

This doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity and improvisation along the way. In fact, among the SEO companies Melbourne, we are unique because of our intensive research work on the industry trends and best practices.Great SEO is all about pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to reach and engage people online. On the whole, successful SEO requires careful up-to-date planning from the outset.

2. Does the SEO firm offer a realistic but competitive price?

Price plays an important role in your choice of an SEO service. Remember that SEO is a continuous process. If you can’t keep your campaign running at a higher price, there is no point starting with a high-end provider. Don’t go over your budget if it means you have to discontinue the campaign soon after.

But at the same time, understand that doing SEO properly takes time and hard work, so you should see it as an investment. Working with a cheap provider that doesn’t offer a good service is essentially throwing your money away, so shopping purely on price isn’t the way to go. These kinds of SEO companies will often provide an ‘out-of-the-box’ service, assuming that one solution fits all. This is rarely effective given that the market, demographic and competition is different for every business.

If your SEO efforts are going to be successful, you’ll need to work with someone that is being paid enough to do the research and plan your campaign to a tee. A lower price isn’t always realistic if that’s what you’re looking for.

3. Does the SEO company put emphasis on conversions, analytics and content?

SEO has many interconnected parts and elements to it. While it was once purely about getting you ranked for your chosen keywords, good SEO practice today involves much more. Your SEO company should be making recommendations and organising changes based on content and the conversion rate, all backed by data that is being collected. Reporting is also a big part of the service; it’s their job to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and show you that you’re getting good value for money.

4. Does the SEO provider highlight case studies in their portfolio, backed by reliable data?

A good SEO company will have completed a number of successful projects and they will be eager to share those respective case-studies with you. Note, that data can be misleading in some cases. For a business, conversion rates, the number of targeted visitors and meeting sales goals are often a lot more important than simply gaining higher ranking for random keywords. Keep in mind that even if a provider has help a company get ranks, it doesn’t necessary mean that they are the best SEO company for your business.

5. Is the SEO provider well-known in the industry?

A good measure of a company’s skills as an SEO provider is their own keyword rankings. Are they visible in Google? If not, you might want to think about why this would be the case.

Leading SEO firms will usually have marketing-related articles that they’ve published in authoritative websites and other blogs, so do a little research. If they are serious about their own online profile, their on-site blog should also be full of information and advice related to the services they provide.

6. How is their relationship with their clients?

SEO requires a lot of communication between client and provider. A natural collaboration between the two parties can ensure a smooth campaign and the best chance of success. There are many other technical aspects of SEO that a business owner might not understand at first. A transparent SEO firm that maintains close communication will make sure you get what you pay for. We at WebAlive are very sincere about client relation. We have satisfied SEO clients from all over Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

7. Do they offer other digital marketing services? Can they make the
necessary changes and streamline the process?

(SEO works best when it’s combined with other forms of digital marketing, such as PPC and Social Media marketing. Ideally, your SEO firm will have expertise in these areas as well. Versatility is key when it comes to online marketing, and it helps to have the option of expanding your marketing efforts with the same provider. A full-service agency will be better equipped to offer you innovative ideas and options to get your brand out there, with the ability to add additional services to your package very quickly.

SEO is never a linear one dimensional process. So make sure you sign up with an agency that can seamlessly add other services to your marketing package if needed.

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