15 Stunning Sports Club Website Designs
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15 Stunning Sports Club Website Designs

December 24, 2018, 9 Mins Read.

If you have recently opened up a sports club or already had one for some time, then the first thing you should focus on is to build up your club website. The internet is the first place where the outside world will be searching for you.

Your site will help you to keep your fans informed and attract more followers. It also increases the chance that new talented players will approach your club. Your website is the best way to market yourself.

As a sports club website, these are some essential elements that you should have:

  • An official logo for branding and recognition.
  • A welcoming homepage with videos and images.
  • Well defined site structure with responsive design.
  • News section to let your visitors know the latest stories.
  • Your current team roster and schedules to upcoming matches.
  • Standings, leaderboards, and player profiles.
  • Link to your social profiles.
  • Self-manageable backend for quick updates of news and announcements.

In today’s competitive world, your club site must stand out from the hundred others. So, make sure to incorporate the above elements with creative design ideas to build your site.

To help you see what others are doing, we have shortlisted 15 best sports club websites for you.




With its launching in 2009, SPIN has taken the game of ping pong to a whole new height. It has lifted boundaries and attracted people from all spheres to come and have fun.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Entering their website the first thing anyone will notice is the attention-grabbing banner video. The video demonstrates the fun time people spend at SPIN.
  • The booking form at the top right is very user-friendly. Clicking it opens up a step by step form for submitting the details.
  • They have provided links to their inlets in a grid of square boxes with pictures and hover-effect.
  • All the pages have a clean and elegant look with the combination of a great user interface.
  • The sticky navigation bar stays on top as you scroll through the page. A proper call to action buttons has been used throughout the site.

2. Lakes United SEAGULLS



Having years of history behind them, Lakes United has taken an important seat in Australian Rugby.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The navigation bar is well-organised with drop-down menus. Search option and links to other social media profiles are placed in rectangular boxes at the top.
  • You can easily spot featured news on entering the site.
  • The website has a simple look with proper visuals to grab a visitor’s attention.

3. FC Barcelona



FC Barcelona is a popular club which is widely recognised all around the world. Their website is mostly focused on conveying the recent news and updates to the audience.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Both the main navigation bar and a bottom notification bar sticks to the place and move along as a visitor scrolls.
  • Stats of the key players in the team are easily accessible.
  • A timer countdown to their upcoming match is displayed on the homepage for the fans.
  • Scores and news of their games are prominently displayed on their website. Also, the number of trophies and titles won in different leagues are presented nicely.
  • A total of 6 languages are available.
  • The audience can buy both regular and VIP tickets online from their website.
  • Links to their social media profiles are provided both in the navigation bar and rectangular boxes at the bottom.

4. Mile High Golf Trail



Mile High Golf Trial at Colorado is there to provide their visitors with a diverse golf experience.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The homepage displays a video tour of their ground. The main menu uses a nice transition effect.
  • The call to action BOOK NOW and GET A TRIAL PASS has been perfectly placed to get the attention of the audience.
  • A virtual map shows the trial along with pictures and details of the ground.
  • The site has an artistic display of their history from 1999.

5. Melbourne Football Club



Melbourne Football Club uses parallax scrolling and video contents to make their site stand out.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The top bar of the site links to another page where you can watch the live game.
  • The navigation bar drops down details when the cursor is placed upon the categories and has a search box where you can view news, videos and players.
  • The homepage displays the news and upcoming games.

6. Kingston Heath Golf Club



Kingston Health Club invites people from both home and abroad to come and have a game of golf.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Images and videos have been perfectly placed throughout the site to give it an elegant look while making the site look clear and beautiful.
  • The simple hamburger menu opens up with links to the important pages.
  • Google map has been integrated at the bottom to make it easier for anyone to find the club location.
  • The site is responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices.

7. Cricket Victoria



Cricket Victoria sports a vibrant user-friendly website.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The home page uses an image carousel where each image has call-to-action links to other pages.
  • The navigation bar sticks to the top as a visitor scrolls down. Support, About, Profile and Cart are also added to the navigation bar. There’s also a sticky “move to top” button at the bottom right corner.
  • Statistics of cricket in Victoria has been nicely presented on the homepage.
  • The square sticky box containing an arrow moves and stays at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on it takes a visitor to the top.

8. Greenhouse Sports



Greenhouse Sports has set out with the goal of changing lives through sports.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The full-screen video displaying their activities is an excellent strategy to grab viewers’ attention.
  • In the navigation bar, the Donate section has been coloured separately to direct more at attention towards it.
  • The site has a very clean, modern design with a vibrant look and feel.
  • At the bottom section the social profiles, contact, newsletter and centres have been separately given in a colourful display which brightens them up.

9. South Hawthorn Tennis Club



South Hawthorn Tennis Club aims to provide a friendly and fun place for playing tennis.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The site is well-organised and simple.
  • Pictures and videos have been used to give viewers a visual presentation of the club.
  • The sticky navigation bar is helpful for quickly reaching important pages.
  • Integration of google map makes it easier for the audience to find it.

10. Melbourne Cricket Club



Founded in 1838, MCC has come up a long way and now is the leading promoter of sports in Australia.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Their homepage uses lots of real-life images to provide news, updates, and links to other pages.
  • A visitor can easily search the site based on month and type of activity.
  • The site is focused on mobile viewers. It looks equally good on the desktop and mobile devices.

11. Melbourne University Weightlifting & Powerlifting Club


Melbourne University Weightlifting & Powerlifting Club

MUWPC helps those interested in weightlifting and powerlifting in becoming world class champions.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • The picture provided in the home page displays the activities done in the club and is an excellent strategy to give a quick overview to the visitors.
  • The “JOIN MUWPC NOW” button is prominently placed on the top so that nobody misses it.

12. Tennis Sydney



Tennis Sydney is the largest tennis club in Sydney for the LGBTI group.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • They use multiple full-screen videos on their website showcasing member activities. Each time you refresh the page another video or picture comes.
  • The navigation bar moves along the page. The search, social profiles and Login options are present in the navigation bar.

13. Fitzroy Football Club



Fitzroy club has a long and rich history. And their site is a good example of how a sports club websites should be.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • An animated call to action to join their club appears on the homepage image carousel once you load the page. This is a great way to ask the audience to join a club.
  • The whole site is well-organised and structured including all the latest news and team updates. There is also individual player information.
  • If you select something from the shop then automatically the total amount is shown at the top, and you can view those items from the cart. If nothing is selected, then the message shopping cart is empty is displayed.

14. Borussia Dortmund



Borussia Dortmund has a great website that will engage any visitor.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Designs and animations with a consistent colour choice increase the aesthetic values of the site.
  • A clear presentation of the previous game they had, the next one to come and upcoming ones are given in their homepage.
  • Anyone can visit the shop and buy the official jersey and other items.
  • They are offering a 10% discount for anyone signing up with their email address, which is a great way to get more leads.

15. MCC Kew



MCC Kew has many sports and facilities for its members.

What’s so appealing about their site:

  • Their website is very well organised and structured.
  • The navigation bar sticks as a visitor’s scrolls through the site. Also, the dropdowns appear as the mouse pointer is put over any menu item.
  • Free intro lessons are provided which is a great way to attract visitors. Also, entering their site anyone can see their weekly schedule.
  • All the sports are shown one after another automatically.
  • Call to action buttons has been effectively used everywhere.

To be a top club, you need to have a well-defined identity — the best way to build that up that quickly is to increase your online presence. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate with a developer and convey to him the things you want.

You can bookmark any of the sites here and show them to the developer as a model. Many of them have common attributes. Remember that there is some difference in clubs that have already gained fame from those which are relatively new. Build up your design based on what category you are.

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