Why Your Business Should be Using Google Analytics
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Why Your Business Should be Using Google Analytics

December 18, 2013, 1 Mins Read.

Is your website not performing?

Have you recently improved or redesigned your website but it still doesn’t make the phone ring?

Do you think your website is doing ok but you just aren’t sure?

Do you have a website that needs some love but you’re not sure where to begin?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, don’t throw money away on any so-called “solutions” until you have all the facts!

One way to ensure you know where your website is falling short (and where it is working) is Google Analytics.

By now most of you have at least heard of Google Analytics. Many of you may even have it set up but aren’t sure how to use it or how to interpret the data.

Now is the time to educate yourself.

Why? Because your competitors are!

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information in so many areas including:

  • Direct Traffic (where visitors typed in your exact URL into their browser)
  • Referral Traffic (where visitors clicked links to your site from other websites)
  • Search Engine Traffic
  • Identifying your most viewed pages
  • Identifying pages with high exit rates
  • The amount of time spent (or not spent) on certain pages
  • Which particular pages are bringing the most traffic to the site
  • Which Keywords or Terms are bringing the most “qualified” leads to your site
    … and much more.

As you reflect on 2013, there’s no better time to get a leg up on next year and really figure out what you may be doing wrong with your website.

If you have Google Analytics set up for your website, learn how to interpret the data (or find someone who can) and take appropriate action on what it tells you.

If all this is Greek to you, relax, and give WebAlive a call. We can help you implement Google Analytics on your website and advise you on what it all means. We can also improve your website in the areas that are falling short.

You can contact WebAlive on (03) 8669 0640 or email us at

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