Best Platform to Create Your Android App Without Any Coding Skills
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Best Platform to Create Your Android App Without Any Coding Skills

March 19, 2020, 7 Mins Read.

“The rich and interactive experiences we have come to expect on mobile apps have created new standards and expectations for all digital media including the web. The result is websites are evolving to become more app-like in their rich functionality.” -Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics.

Apps have revolutionized the way people work in today’s era. They present them with different scopes of learning and knowledge. There are over 2 billion Android devices that are used by people around the globe (The net total of twice than iOS platform).

This clearly tells us that the market is sizzled hot by the services provided by Android apps, and is nowhere to be seen in any sort of downfall. Thus, the path to that first app which you wish to develop, it starts all with an idea. This might sound simple at first, but with the right approach, it can be nailed successfully.

One of the fastest ways to construct smartphone programs is to utilize online solutions without any knowledge of programming. Constructing the Android app for smartphones or even the tablets is a lot simpler than ever.

How do you ask?

Well, if the user doesn’t want to learn the whole essence of coding, then this is the right to write up for you. In this article, you would get to learn several ways to build your own application.

Believe it or not, but Android is concluded to be known as the operating system that has managed to have some of the largest shares of the mobile market in app development.

Therefore, here are some of the alternatives to Java, these alternatives would help the user with the App development, without any kind of deeper previous knowledge:

How to create android app without coding skills:

Android Developers who wish to Create Android Apps that are well-formed, for them these following tricks would be a blessing. Here are some of the most common and Best Platform To Create Your Android App that would help you in near-future.

1. homepage

This is the type of tool that is considered to be a cloud-based app development and it also helps in the full maintenance of the platform. It manages to feature a very sophisticated kind of visual app business tool.

The framework helps in appearing with some of the features that involve integrated services of the backend and some unique kinds of responsive web applications that are utilized by helping organizations such as Samsung and AT&T.

There are many types of additional functions that are utilized in advancement. Starting from the backend services like that of the cloud-based push notifications to leading up to REST APIs, etc, the framework has done it all. There are some of many multiple plugins that are used for the media, mailing, socials, to latest iOS11 support and technologies like jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap integrated.


  • It tends to accelerate the time to market and lower the costs of constructing, deploying, and managing the cross-device applications.
  • It tends to remove the skills of the barrier that are typical of the alternative solutions which need some specialized skills that are scarce.
  • The framework tends to slow down the visual code builder, with the developer productivity that is massively enhanced and significantly seen.


2. Appypie

Appypie homepage

Appypie is one of the services which is that fastest technology for all the android app development company. Renowned and listed internationally in the Wall Street Journal or on VentureBeat. It allows Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Once released applications to be developed, they appear directly in their respective marketplaces, including Appy Pie. Push alerts, social networks, blog posts, photo galleries and forms of data sharing.

They are apps dedicated to restaurant applications, but also GPS trackers for geographical area customer targeting. Management tools are also offered to track the company’s application voting behaviour. Your application’s HTML5 architecture starts out free. The first kit to publish it will cost you $7 a month for an order. Each package offers a mobile Website and provides customer services.


  • It starts by allowing you to pick a category, followed by design, text, colours, images, media, links and much more.
  • The app creator features its own marketplace so users can show off their creations, as well as offering monetization of their different types of apps.
  • The price range is also very small for an application and you’ll be able to build exclusively by paying those prices.


3. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie homepage

Mobile Roadie is an app maker that allows mobile app development company to create their own iOS or Android app and manage it. Perhaps better, the building happens in a very visual manner. The platform supports all media types, with automatic import of keywords from RSS, Twitter, or Google News, and an auto-refreshing fan wall to connect with users in real-time.

Using the back end of Mobile Roadie you will display the app accurately just as the users will on their phone. They will also direct you through the submission process for the App Store, with Mobile Roadie testing for the consistency and suitability of your content.

Mobile Roadie provides very advanced features such as geo-localized application content targeting, marketing automation, group and social functionality. Tariffs: costs are set to calculate, but Mobile Roadie is known for its relatively high levels relative to its rivals.


  • Push Notification: keep all of the latest news, services or events updated to your customers. Staying in contact with your end-user is fantastic, and constantly bringing their attention back to your app.
  • Mailing List: build your own customer database by demanding email address and user name, surname when installing an app
  • Chat Wall: give your fans the opportunity to talk, comment on current events, share photos, lead threaded responses, etc.
  • API: Another functional functionality introduced by enterprise mobile app platform that links the app and website together so that every time the website content is changed or new posts appear, they are moved to a device instantly.


4. AppBuilder

AppBuilder homepage

AppBuilder is a relatively complete program. This website also allows Android app developer to access PDF files, RSS feeds, your website or your online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, Google services, etc.).

The company provides many templates that you can customize to match your preferences or your brand as well. After using the test program, you can place it online on the App Store or G in just a few clicks. The platform operates by drag-and-drop.

You can customize the prototype by filling in your name and changing the environment colours. Regularly updated, App-Builder Peche by some bugs because of its many novelties brought by the updates. Logically these are resolved easily, it doesn’t preclude it from being binding.


  • TheAppBuilder offers an app package to fit staff, consumers, activities, and brochures, with two separate approaches.
  • Using the online toolkit, you can create the app, and either the training is given or TheAppBuilder itself will work with you to identify and develop the app’s structure and fill it with initial material.


5. Good Barber

Good Barber homepage

Good Barber is the platform that is known for providing and building all the iPhone and Android apps, along with reliable optimized web applications. You can monitor every aspect of the device for each of the platforms without writing out a single line of code.

There are many highly customizable interface models to get going, with lots of beautiful icons and access to Google Fonts. Theoretically, these innovative web apps could replace the existing website, because they can be designed for desktop, mobile and tablets.


  • Through when you change any parameters in your app, you get immediate visual feedback.
  • Give special, actionable push alerts and make contributors to your followers by having them upload posts, images and videos.
  • You can also organize your app and add images, pictures, sounds, live events and more.


In The End

The takeaway from this tutorial is that you don’t need to learn how to code an app to make your ideas come alive. Take into account that it may not be enough to have an idea for an app to be good, so spare time and do some work. Application development is a fairly simple job to do but it has its limit. When you want to know how to code the more challenging software

Thus, if you want to hire android app developer then make sure that they have these factors alongside.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the possible solutions and answers, if the user still has any doubts regarding the following topic, then they can write to us on the comment section below. Our experts would revert each reply and would provide you with possible solutions.

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