15 Best Church Websites for Design Inspiration
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15 Best Church Websites for Design Inspiration

October 31, 2018, 7 Mins Read.

Church websites play a key role in building up church communities. Most new visitors will take a look at a church’s website before entering the building. Regular churchgoers will certainly appreciate a well-designed, informative online presence for your ministry.

The primary goal of a church website is to provide information to its visitors. That means easy navigation and well-organised site structure are crucial here. Collecting donations, recruiting volunteers, and letting people know about church events are some other essential goals.

Elements of a great church website
  • A welcoming homepage design with large images and videos
  • Easy navigation with a clear information architecture
  • Real photos of the church community and congregation
  • A mobile-friendly UI with clear calls to action
  • Self-manageable backend. So that you can easily update announcements and add media by yourself

Choosing the right visuals and layout is extremely important in church website design. Some church sites go for lively, inviting visuals. On the other hand, some focus on a calm and simplistic look.

How should your church website look like?

To help you decide, we have listed 15 of the best church websites below for your design inspiration.

What are the best church websites?

Here are some of the top church websites that we have seen in 2018. Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but these will give you a good idea of design trends and best practices.

1. First Church


first church homepage

The First Church has an excellent homepage. There’s a well-organised navigation bar at the top which stays in place as you scroll down. They make great use of different call to action buttons such as – Find a Group, Watch Online, Give Online etc.

The other pages of the site are also very informative and user-friendly. For example, take a look at their ‘Plan a Visit’ page. It clearly mentions First Church’s service times and terms. There’s also a section that talks about their kids’ program.

The designers of this church website really thought about what their visitors are looking for and made it very easy to find this information. The combination of great UX with a clean design and functionality makes it one of the best church websites that we’ve seen.

2. The Village Church


village church homepage

The Village Church chose to focus on real-life images and a consistent colour scheme for their online presence. They have a beautifully designed website with a clean and modern look. The site has a hamburger menu instead of a nav-ba, but the menu is nicely organised into drop-down sub-categories, making it very user-friendly. The colour combinations, perfect use of whitespace, and lively images make it one of the most beautiful church websites that you’ll come across.

3. Remnant Church


remannat entrance

Remnant Church’s website uses full-screen videos on the homepage, showcasing the regular activities of the church. The well-chosen clips give a friendly, warm vibe. The site encourages people to visit the church premises and join the community groups. The rest of the homepage is very clean and simple, with clear instructions on how to join the Sunday gatherings.

Remnant also has an online portal where registered members can log in. Their About Us page includes happy family photos of the pastors.

4. Fuel Church


fuel homepage

This is one of the cooler church websites out there. They use the tagline “carry the fire”, and the homepage video is based on this theme. The site navigation is excellent. Fuel Church doesn’t use many real church activity images, but they provide numerous ways for their visitors to engage.

5. Hope Centre


hope centre home

Hope Centre is an 80-year-old church operating from six different locations across Australia. This is a mobile-focused church website. The site is divided into multiple parallel sections. The top section contains a video, and the rest contain various important pieces of information (like locations) or links to other pages. The hamburger menu looks a bit tiny on a large screen, but once clicked, the navigation menu covers the full screen.

If you are looking for mobile-focused church website ideas, Hope Center is a good example. Despite the unconventional design, the site is very user-friendly.

6. Rockville Church of Christ


rockville church of christ

Small church websites are often poorly designed. Rockville Church is an exception. This is a very simple site, but it has all the essential features that a small church might need. The homepage has an image of the church followed by the next Sunday worship schedule. The location and meeting times are explicitly mentioned. The integration of Google Maps and a carousel of upcoming events are two useful additions.

7. Judson Memorial Church


judson memorial home

A church’s web design doesn’t usually follow a bold visual style, but Judson is an exception to this rule. Big fonts, colourful navigation icons and use of typography as a visual medium make this church website a bit different from the rest. The site is attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. In our opinion, the designers have done a great job with the visuals.

8. River Valley Church


river valley church

River Valley Church’s website could secure a place in any top church websites list. The welcoming background video clips, proper calls to actions and generous use of white space make this site an ideal example for any church’s website designer.

9. Hill City


hill city

Great church websites should be welcoming and inviting. So what could be better than a church website that begins with a video of fun-loving, jolly people? That’s exactly what Hill City Church does. Any visitor will stop and spend a few moments looking at this video. The rest of the site is quite simple, but well-organised. If you want your church site to have vibrant video content, consider Hill City a good example.

10. Trinity Hills Church


trinity hills

Some modern church websites tend to divert from the usual design style. Trinity Church uses parallel scrolling and stylized imagery to make their site stand out. The sticky nav-bar with search functionality is quite user-friendly. The footer of every page has an integrated Google map giving anyone directions to their church from any place.

11. Summit Church


summit church

By now you’ve probably noticed that most of the good church websites utilise video content and focus on being mobile friendly. In addition to the sticky navigation bar, Summit church uses a hamburger menu for the convenience of mobile visitors.

The homepage uses a grid-based arrangement where each box focuses on a particular call to action. Links to their social media accounts along with the Contact Us form are placed in the footer.

12. Irving Bible Church


irving bible church

Along with the beautiful background video, the Irving Bible Church has a very well-organised navigation bar. They also have an active blog where you can filter the articles by topic. Design-wise the site uses lots of large images and clear calls to action.

13. Terra Nova Church


terra nova

Terra Nova is one of those modern, creative church websites that don’t follow the usual design trend. The site is just stunning. Its design style and colour theme are consistent across all pages, and Terra Nova can easily be considered a unique church site.

14. Trinity London


trinity london

This one is another example site which diverts from the standard church website templates. The design is based on colourful grids which give the site a very simple, yet modern look. The church location and Contact us form is placed right at the footer. Though the site doesn’t have many pages, each page has just enough information for the visitors.

15. Radiant Church


radiant church homepage

Radiant Church uses a carousel of hero images on the homepage. Though some may object, saying that this is an outdated design practice, it works perfectly here thanks to the choice of full-width images that make any visitor feel welcome.

They use a hamburger menu instead of a navigation bar. The menu neatly organises all the pages of the site into subcategories. Each page makes generous use of images to denote different sections. The subtle parallax scrolling effect blends nicely with the overall design. The site has a complete archive of the latest sermons, which is a nice addition.

What’s Next? 

If you liked any of the church website design examples listed above, bookmark them. It’s a lot easier to explain a design concept to your designer if you can show them an example.

You may decide to use a church website builder or a DIY platform to make the site yourself, but unless you have some professional experience in web design, it’s going to be a very time-consuming task.

You can easily get an affordable church website by hiring a good web design agency. Pick a few of your favourite church sites and ask the agency if they can make you one with your desired features.

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