Top 14 Financial Service Website Designs in 2019
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Top 14 Financial Service Website Designs in 2019

June 10, 2019, 12 Mins Read.

When it comes to comparing online services, we’ll tend to make our judgements based on the content and overall design of the site. Ensuring a clear and user-friendly design when promoting your financial service website is what leads potential clients to choose your products over competitors.

That’s why it’s essential for your overall design to both look and feel as if customers have come to the right place. If you’re stuck on where to begin, we’ve put together our top financial service websites.

However, first, here are a few key elements your new website must have:

  • Welcoming homepage with appropriate images and videos.
  • A clean and responsive design that’s structured for easy navigation.
  • Visible call to action buttons.
  • A unique logo for website branding and identity.
  • Rate management calculator.
  • Online account opening and access to financial forms.
  • Links to social account.
  • An about us page.
  • Backend should be easily manageable.

A well thought out design relies on both clear, straightforward information and the ways you present it. For example, using a visual hierarchy to highlight content such as a free quote or contact numbers, lets users know you’ve put their needs to the forefront, giving your site a better feel.

To demonstrate how sites execute their design decisions, here are 14 financial service websites that utilise the qualities mentioned above.




SGUA offers landlords with the best-valued insurance for residential properties.

What makes their site a favourite:

  • Use of well-placed call to actions buttons throughout the site.
  • The mixture of black and white with an accent colour gives off a clean, sharp and assertive feel.
  • Their quote request form takes you through a multi-step process, which is a good strategy for generating more leads.
  • Features, such as quotes, claims and payments are visible on their website, while forms or statements are well labelled and easy to access.
  • It is made responsive for mobile view, with the navigation bar cleverly tucked under a hamburger menu.




Capitec Bank Limited aims to create a better financial life for its customers, improving the living standard.

What makes their site unique:

  • A new twist on the old navigation bar! Mousing over their “Quick Info” is a welcomed changed that holds the customer’s attention.
  • Internet banking is placed at the top of the site, making it highly visible and accessible.
  • Animated call to action(CTA) buttons.
  • Helpful features for users including a bank cost calculator, credit tools, savings calculator and budgeting.
  • The site is very neat and uncluttered. The landing page only contains information the users are interested in. Every piece of info a client wouldn’t need at a glance is tucked away in separate tag, so users don’t have to scroll to find what they’re looking for.
  • The white background gives it a professional and minimalistic look. The background also puts the CTAs in stark contrast, enhancing their visibility.




Established 25 years ago, Canstar acts as Australia’s biggest financial comparison site. With experts able to review over 4,000 home loan options for you to compare.

What makes their site unique:

  • Use of white spaces and the contrasting blue makes all information easy to spot.
  • The navigation bar drops down when moused over, removing unnecessary user interaction.
  • Comparing Home Loans on their Landing page gives you the current rates and the monthly repayment amounts. To easily find what loan is the best fit the site can filter through loan type, features and lenders.
  • Finance calculators from loans to income tax, savings to credit cards are available on site and easy to access.
  • Animations are minimalistic but still work to enhance users, while keeping the site professional.
  • The use of blue on their website is not only easy on the eyes but is said to promote trust in users.

4. InfoChoice



Using InfoChoice, you can compare different types of loans, credit cards and many other significant financial services until you find the one to best suit your lifestyle.

What makes their site unique:

  • When hovered over, the buttons change from light blue to a darker shade. A sound design choice as it draws focus to the selected option while keeping the user’s attention.
  • A whole range of calculators, including principal and interest, lump sum, split, and home loan, are available.
  • Daily special offers displayed on the home page.
  • As a visitor, you can even book to schedule a call with an expert Aussie Mortgage Broker.

5. Commonwealth Bank of Australia



The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the leading providers of integrated financial services, providing a wide range of services including financial planning, travel products and business products.

What makes their site unique:

  • Their colour palette includes only three colours: black, white and yellow. The palette gives the site a streamlined feel, as well as memorable branding.
  • Their regular services are all in the top navigation bar, making them easily accessible.
  • Pop up chat services, that lead to appointment bookings.
  • Products are presented to users as large buttons, vertically on the left-hand Keeping in mind that we read from left to right, as effortlessly drawing our attention.
  • The list of social contributions also helps form a more positive relationship with visitors.
  • The link to download their app is available on the website. With is a huge time saver.
  • A client can easily create his/her budget with the help of the various tools and calculator available on site.

6. Credit Karma



With Credit Karma, not only can you overlook and compare on the services that impact your credit score, but you can also request a free and easy credit score rating. Additionally, you’ll receive monitoring and insight to assist in improving your score.

What makes their site unique:

  • This website achieves its stylish design, by using simple colours like black, white and grey, only to accent them with images and buttons using bold primary colours. The use of primary colours stops the site from feeling boring and gives a distinctive feel.
  • Tools like free credit score ratings, debt repayment calculator, simple loan calculator and amortisation calculator are highlighted and available for customer’s use.
  • Menus drop down from tabs in the navigation bar upon hover.
  • Large font CTA buttons with bright colour backgrounds have been placed at the top of the page and repeated at the end of the page in inverted colours to gain maximum user attention.
  • Links to the app on both the App Store and Google Play, making it easily downloadable.
  • Their extensive security and privacy. This step should never be overlooked as a financial service provider as it can often sway and assure unsure visitors.

7. ANZ International Banking



ANZ International Banking is a must for anyone looking to travel or live internationally. It allows bank account set up from overseas along with a whole host of over services, all ready to go before you arrive.

What makes their site unique:

  • Allows you to create your bank account online and transfer funds overseas.
  • Includes features like foreign exchange rates and currency converters
  • Products and Tools are can easily found by users as they are grouped into two separate components. This design choice appeals to the part of our brain that likes to find patterns and group things.
  • The page is designed, so that products are shown first, with any relevant offers displayed to entice customers looking to travel.
  • A client can easily download their app for mobile use. The social media links are at the left bottom of the page as per the current trend.

8. AIA



AIA aims to provide you with financial security, through the protection of income and assistance when it comes to business expenses. They also assist in developing healthy workplace environments, and personal plans tailor-made for different life stages.

What makes their site unique:

  • Images used in the hero banners are modern and on trend with what visitors expect to see. They also correspond to each service or key moment without being overly literal.
  • Products and their corresponding descriptions are designed as clickable icons, making the clickable area larger and interaction easier.
  • Drop down menu expands into a mega-panel. The menu allows for grouping related topics and images added as visual cues.

9. AXA



Since 1859, AXA has ensured financial security for their clients and families. Their primary services include providing financial advice, retirement planning, life insurance and employee benefits for businesses.

What makes their site unique:

  • Customers are prompted to select a service based on what they are looking for help with. This empathetic design helps the business to connect with potential visitors.
  • This empathy continues to their content writing as they have a “Your Goals” section in their top navigation bar as well as dividing their products based on “Family” and “Work.”
  • Family services and Work services are also separated on the home page through colour.
  • Key figures like retirement benefits amount, number of clients nationwide, service duration and scholarships are showcased AXA as a reputable company, putting their brand in a positive light and garnering trust among potential clients.
  • There is a sticky vertical button that lets you provide feedback easily, facilitating easy collection of user experience.

10. PayPal Australia



PayPal Australia aims to make transferring money simple. Whether it’s among friends and family, or online stores, PayPal provides secure checkout and transfers without the hassle of continuously putting in your card or bank details. PayPal also guarantees the safety of purchase, offering a refund policy for any scams of fraudulent accounts.

What makes their site unique:

  • Visible CTA buttons.
  • Proper use of ghost buttons, creating a flow where the CTA is what the viewer sees first.
  • Provides a simple yet informative graphics demonstrating how PayPal works — giving visitors necessary info engagingly and reliably.
  • The site gives separate links to it’s Android and iOS apps for enhanced usability of their website.
  • The mega drop-down menu is hovered over to trigger so that it’s more intuitive for the user.

11. SoFi



SoFi is a company set on helping those with your student, personal and home loans. Additionally, they also provide money and investment services.

What makes their site unique:

  • Sticky navigation bar where their different services and products are always in view.
  • Opting for a video for their hero section is a bold choice that works seamlessly with their forward-thinking ideas. The themes of academic and financial success and relief in the feature section gives users the sense of both the sites goodwill and innovation.
  • Clicking the CTA at the bottom of the page triggers their product page to open in the existing window instead of a separate one, allowing users to click out and return to the home page easily.
  • Key figures, including members, referrals and repayments present on the site act as social proof to enhance the reliability of the services provided while their appearance on a vivid coloured background boosts their visibility.
  • Benefits enjoyed by members are made focal through relevant images, showing off the entitlements rather than relying on much text.
  • Links to their app for Android and iOS platform as well as social pages are bundled together at the bottom right where visitors through experience will expect them to be.

12. Westpac Banking Corporation



As the oldest banking institutions in Australia, Westpac is well recognised for its outstanding financial services. Managing over 14 million customers, the company maintains its reputation being awarded the most sustainable global bank four times in a row through the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

What makes their site unique:

  • The hero section cuts its image with a bright red design drawing attention to their CTA, as well as showing off their logo colours.
  • Important products and services are found below the hero image, removing the need to scroll below the break.
  • Separate segments are dedicated for personal and business use, defined using two different shades of grey.
  • With the site structured horizontally, their real-time exchanges rates can be located at a glance.
  • The navigation bar is sticky, with buttons for personal, business and corporate applications so that visitors don’t have to search for the information their looking for.
  • Social Media links are showcased at the bottom like most conventional sites.

13. Bendigo Bank


Bendigo Bank

Originally started to help fellow Australians build their own homes, Bendigo Bank is now recognised as one of the major banks in Australia. The company acknowledges its role and responsibilities when it comes to their customers and their environment, even promoting their eco-friendly “green loan”.

What makes their site unique:

  • The sliding hero image shows off the banks’ benefits, prompting visitors to find out more on each. Not only does the animation garner the attention of viewers, but it also helps establish reliability at a glance.
  • The navigation bar is hovered sensitive, with each drop-down menu being contrasting shades of grey, defining subsections from the main information or services.
  • Both the Law of similarity and rule of thirds is employed under the hero images. These rules improve the usability of the site as well as the overall design.
  • A visible and large help section for users to see and access easily.
  • Additional information appears when clicked, opening up on the same page.
  • The sitemap is broken into categories making navigation of topics easy for customers.

14. Betterment



Betterment is an online financial advisor, with their platform designed for anyone looking to invest. Their goal is very simple: to deliver better investment for those who won’t settle for anything less.

What makes their site unique:

  • A clean, strong and assertive look is through the combination of the black and white colour palette with another accent colour.
  • A video is used to inform users on their services.
  • Visible app links.
  • An onsite tool that gives its users instant investment advice based just on age and annual income. The different investment plans are colour-coded and detailed, providing names of companies money should be invested in.

Once again, it’s vital that your website is both highly usable and engaging, but the job doesn’t just stop there. Maintaining your site requires a good understanding of peoples’ expectations and frustration as well as adaptability. Furthermore, with the increasing threat of data leaks, cybersecurity needs to be regularly updated.

When talking to your designers, keep our key points in mind, to create a website that visitors will continue to return to.

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