Business Plaza

Club management

Web and mobile app

Project Summary

The BusinessPlaza client asked for an all-rounder club-management solution. Their requirements included communication features, ecommerce functionality, event management, and newsletter. WebAlive proposed a web app for browsers and a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms to deliver the seamlessness the client had in mind.

Technologies Used

Our choice of industry-leading technologies makes Business Plaza a high-performance, user-friendly platform.

.Net Core
It is an open-source, cross-platform framework that allows software development for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Angular is the overhauled version of AngularJS. It is a web application framework that facilitates web and mobile app development. 

Key Features

BusinessPlaza comes feature-packed with all the necessary tools that a club manager needs. Since its first release, our development team has added tons of new features and updates based on user feedback. We continue to manage and develop this app for the client.

Creating clubs and associations

BusinessPlaza lets its users create any number of clubs on its platform. The clubs – with a wide range of functionalities that BP offers – can keep both its members and admins connected and informed. Thus, it works as a unified platform for the club and its members. All club activities can be managed under one roof.

Event creation and management

Any club or institution can create and manage events from within BusinessPlaza. Furthermore, admins would also be able to track and modify the attendee list of those events from any device they are using. Another great thing is, BP allows automated event reminders.

Coordinating with volunteers and assigning tasks

Assigning tasks to volunteers and monitoring progress is a massive challenge for clubs and associations. BusinessPlaza allows admins to get control of both. Admins can assign tasks with all relevant details to selected people. Volunteers can check those assigned tasks without needing to contact the in-charge.

Selling club-specific merchandise

BusinessPlaza offers clubs the opportunity to sell their custom merchandise within its environment. Adding product details such as price, logo, description, and image is a matter of a few clicks. Club members can browse through these products from their mobile apps and make purchases through the integrated SecurePay API.

Sending newsletters from the platform

With BusinessPlaza, clubs and associations don’t have to use any third-party email automation tool. Admins can use the default newsletter formats or use the drag-and-drop editor to customise those for specific occasions. Members would be able to read the newsletters using the mobile app.

Uninterrupted chat feature

BusinessPlaza comes with a built-in chat option. This feature allows the admins to create message threads connecting any or every member of the club. Since the interface is intuitive, it not only keeps people connected but also facilitates effective and easy communication, saving time for both club owners and members.

Final Result

It gave us immense pleasure to develop an all-in-one solution for club and association management. There were many challenges we had to overcome. But thanks to our driven, energetic and resourceful team of designers and developers, we crossed all the hurdles successfully. The client is happy to have a complete solution that is going to save hundreds of hours of management time for organisations around the world.

Client's Review

WebAlive’s approach is always friendly, yet professional. They consistently achieve and complete tasks by every deadline, which has been crucial in the success of our own expanding business.

Hank Thierry
CEO & Marketing Manager