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Website, Online Course Platform
and Report Dashboard

Project Summary

ModLife has been a unique project for us. Apart from designing a website, it involved developing a full-fledged online course platform. This platform had to be scalable and offer high flexibility to the course creator in terms of content distribution. Another significant component of the project was the report dashboard. Since the client wanted to stay informed of the performance of her students, the platform had to have robust reporting capabilites with sophisticated data visualisation. 

Technologies Used


WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs. Written in PHP and MySQL, this is a content management system that powers millions of sites. We used it as the foundation of the ModLife website.


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is used mostly for web development. It is written primarily in C. We used it to transform the code backbone of ModLife site into its final form.


JavaScript is a high-level programming language that allows the implementation of sophisticated features on a website. We used it to develop dynamic content management capabilities.


HTML is the standard markup language that is used to build the basic structure of a website.


CSS is a styling language that works closely with HTML. It adds another layer to the underlying codebase of a website and describes the styling of the site elements.

Client Overview

The client is a physiotherapist and wellness expert. She has mentored hundreds of people towards healthier lives. While doing so, she has realised that she could help a lot more people a lot more effectively if she had all her coaching activities under one roof. That realisation of hers drove her to approach us with the proposal for a complete solution.

Key Challenges

  • Developing the online course module was a tough challenge. What was more challenging was integrating it with the rest of the site components so that they correctly complement each other.
  • The developers had to develop the Braintree API for stable, reliable and secure integration. Furthermore, they had to tweak it so that it acts as a gateway for the course lesson videos. This feature was necessary to ensure the videos were available to paid clients only.
  • The reporting dashboard had to be highly visual and sophisticated so that the client could make effective decisions based on its data. Developing the visuals that sync correctly to the user data and meet the guidelines of the design team was a hurdle we had to overcome.
  • The Vimeo API had to be developed in a way so that subscribers of a particular course could access videos of that course only.
  • To integrate MailChimp into ModLife, a custom API had to be developed.

Our Solution

The solution we developed for the client consisted of a responsive website with integrated payment, email marketing capability, and course conduction and management module.

For the website, we used WordPress as the building block. It not only acted as the foundation of the site but also a CMS that enabled the client to publish and edit content easily.

Using JavaScript and CSS, we developed all the dynamic styling content. We had to make sure that these content did not affect the site loading speed.

Our developers tweaked the MySQL API and the Vimeo integration API so that the client could easily upload her lesson videos from the site backend.

Development Process

For the development of ModLife, we used agile methodology. This methodology was necessary as this project had a large number of components and layers, all of which needed correct syncing. During each sprint, we took feedback from the client on every aspect of the segment that was developed. When working on the CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL components, our designers and developers had to maintain immersed sprints to ensure zero discrepancies.

Final Result

Since the owner would be mentoring paid clients through the ModLife platform, she tested every feature of this project at handover. She was thoroughly satisfied as the site and platform met each of her specified needs. With a methodical approach, our designers, developers, testers, and business analysts functioned as one single unit that paved the way to another brilliant solution.

Client's Review

Best thing about WebAlive? The whole team genuinely cares for your success. They want you to have a website that performs above and beyond.

They stick to deadlines and offer competitive prices. The team made my website look better than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s a collaborative effort that makes the design and development of a website come to life, and they do this seamlessly. I’ve had absolutely no regrets choosing WebAlive build and manage my website.