High-performing web apps that empower your business. 


Enterprise-grade online apps

Transform your website into a technically advanced web app by using a state-of-the-art framework and advanced programming methodologies. Our Melbourne app developers have created a diverse range of highly innovative, visually appealing and competent web apps. They are fully capable of developing such an app that would automate your business processes, interact with your visitors and produce useful analytics.

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Team's dashboard with the settings icon

Seamless integration

Integrate your applications with your web app for seamless access and flexibility across platforms. Our solutions can be extended work with other services or legacy systems. We specialise in modernising and integrating third-party software services and APIs with your web apps. Additionally, we also assist our clients in any unique API development on an on-demand basis.

Rigorously tested for quality

We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process, which ensures that your web app meets the highest of standards. Our app testing and quality assurance team monitors every phase of the web application development process. As part of that, we anticipate probable circumstances and develop corresponding test cases. Based on those, we perform complete end-to-end tests on each of our products to guarantee a technically flawless and timely project delivery regardless of its complexity.

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Message section of Clubeez

Best-in-class support and maintenance

Our support and maintenance team is always there to help you manage your web application and make additional changes if needed. No matter how simple your issue with the web app is, we are going to guide you through it. If your business app maintenance requires additional work on the source code, we will tend to that as well! We are committed to providing the best experience to our customers.

Battle-tested against cyber threats

Cybersecurity has always been an issue that impacts businesses and users alike. WebAlive considers security to be a fundamental component of any web-based product and hence, we take extensive measures to bolster your web applications with cutting edge security solutions. These include but are not limited to source code analysis, firewalls, SSH keys, application architecture review, API authentication using OAuth 2.0 and various other ones.

Secure dashboard example of the Business plaza web application.