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Web app development is an important process for a range of different business today. It allows for the development of software that can be accessed via an internet browser, making it instantly accessible from anywhere.

WebAlive has more than a decade of experience in web-based app development. We create unique, creative solutions to meet your business needs, staying ahead of emerging trends to give you the best chance of success.

Whether it be a simple document sharing app, a newsletter management platform or a comprehensive automation system, we work to deliver UX-optimised web applications that fit your requirement to a tee.

Our experienced web app developers have worked with hundreds of organisations across many industries, building countless web applications that have brought success and changed the way our clients conduct their businesses. As well as utilising the latest technology, we offer our clients strategic consultation prior to the project, which can be vital in ensuring the convenience and functionality of the app.

Simplify Business Process

Increase Efficiency

Connect with your customers

Reduce operational costs

Custom Web App Development

Transform complex business problems into user-friendly solutions with a custom web application. Utilising development best practice and leveraging the latest web technologies, we build feature-rich apps that provide an immersive experience for your customers across all devices.

Application Integration

Integrate your existing applications with your web app for seamless access and flexibility across platforms. Our solutions can be extended to work with other services or legacy systems. We specialise in modernising and integrating third-party software services and APIs into your own web apps.

Testing & Quality

We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process, which ensures that the highest standards. Our app testing and quality assurance team monitors every phase of the web application development process. We perform complete end-to-end testing on each of our products to guarantee technically flawless delivery of even the most complex projects.

Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance team is always there to help you manage your web application and make additional changes if needed. We are committed to providing the best experience to our customers.

Choose the tools and technologies that best fit your needs

Unlike a typical web app development company, WebAlive gives you a wide choose of technologies that can be used to create your software. Our technological expertise centres around:

  • .NET for web app development
  • JAVA for custom web application
  • HTML5
  • PHP

Multilevel security to safeguard your business

Cyber security has always been an issue that impacts businesses and users alike. WebAlive considers security to be a fundamental component of any web-based product and hence, we take extensive measures to bolster your web applications with cutting edge security solutions; including but not limited to -

  • Source code analysis
  • Application architecture review
  • SSH Keys
  • Firewalls
  • Hashed Password
  • Role based and row based ACL
  • Captcha and CSRF check
  • Input sanitization
  • API authentication using OAuth2.0

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