What is DNS Hosting
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What is DNS Hosting

September 19, 2013, Less than 1 Min Read.

A DNS (Domain Name System) is the internet’s telephone book. It provides the translation of a Domain Name such as into a number which the internet network uses to direct your request to where it has got to go. This system allows Internet users to deal with the more intuitive domain names, rather than having to remember a series of numbers.

If you intend to use your Domain Name for either email or a website you need “DNS hosting”. However, if you take out website hosting at the same time as you register your domain name, then you do not need to pay for DNS hosting.

DNS hosting or it may also be known as DNS management fees, are usually only a very small fee. DNS hosting is sometimes provided with Domain Name Registration at no extra charge, however, usually the domain name registration fees will be higher to ‘include’ DNS hosting fees.

It is convenient to use the same provider for DNS hosting and email or website hosting. This makes management and fault finding easier.

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