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Digital Strategy

Unified Digital Strategy

WebAlive is dedicated to providing the very best outcomes for our clients by offering them a personally tailored, all-encompassing digital strategy to enhance their online presence and engage their target audience.

Understanding what makes our clients unique and what gives them an edge over the competition, along with setting clear goals that our clients would like to achieve, provides a well-defined framework to develop a sound strategy for ultimate success.

  • Order and Save

    Michael Condos, Order and Save

    WebAlive has got a lot of people with good ideas, good marketing skills and very creative, they’ve come back with some great development ideas and recommendations which have enhanced our website and we’ve got it right, we’ve extremely happy with them.

  • Reed Graduations

    Hank Thierry, Reed Graduations

    Right from the get-go, we liked our interactions with WebAlive. The proposal we received from them showed that they had listened to our requirements and issues associated with our business carefully and outlined a solution to us that we found efficacious. Our business is now growing at such a rate that was never seen before.

  • Not Just A Painter

    Jim Baker, Not Just A Painter

    I like the work they did for me so much that I engaged WebAlive again to do a micro site for a book that I’ve written. WebAlive designed a simple yet effective micro site for me that did its work in marketing my book – generating a payoff that gives me great value for money.

Understanding the Audience

We research on the target audience in terms of age, gender, geographical location, literacy, employment status, home ownership, ethnicity, technology ownership and use.

Media Ethnography & Online Journey Mapping

Our research maps the media behaviour of target audience and creates a ‘journey’ of media and content interactions to find best points of interception and relevance.

Traffic Management & Conversion Protocols

We carefully develop a protocol for traffic management and conversion. We create a rule book exclusively for your brand and make sure the crowd keeps coming in.

Mapping the Competition

We map your competitors’ offline and online presence, their interaction levels, their brand awareness and the loyalty of the crowd to those other brands. This helps us make you stand out above everyone else.

Website & Engagement Wireframe

We strategise on the channels of engagement with your target audience. By maintaining a consistent presence of your brand story we ensure that the current and future customers connect with your company on a deeper level.

Digital Marketing

From managing customer relationships across a variety of channels to quantifying the value of social media, digital marketing enables you to entice your audience in the most efficient way and go beyond the goal you set for yourself.

WebAlive’s Digital Strategy Process

Identifying exactly what you hope to achieve is the first step to achieving it. WebAlive can help you clearly define your objectives and build an idea of how they can grow and scale up as your business evolves. We then conduct an extensive research to establish how best to reach your goals. Looking into industry trends and digital trends along with researching your most successful competitors and most importantly how your target audience is best engaged provide a firm foundation to build a successful digital strategy. With all this knowledge we then plan how your unique strategy will be employed. With WebAlive’s help you will be able to select the most effective channels of engagement and how best to utilise them to captivate your audience. Integrating your digital presence with your offline presence and maintaining a consistent presence of your brand across all channels. Bringing the first three steps together is the culmination of all of your research and planning. WebAlive can help you engage with your community of customers in an organic, human way to produce valuable long lasting connections. Consistent engagement with your audience is key as you begin building your brand’s presence in your customer’s consciousness. The final enduring part of the process and the one that will make all the difference, maintaining, reviewing and improving on your digital strategy is vital to ensure success. Ultimately you want to be engaging with your customers and so as your campaign runs, it is important to take note of and build on every successful move you make, while keeping your goals in sight.












Send it Easy got Live Chat support by WebAlive

WebAlive recommended Send It Easy a ‘Live Support Chat’ system that was very intuitive and user engaging. The Live Support Chat was developed considering the business focus of Send It Easy and to provide the customers an effortless accessibility to the service information.

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Social Media Marketing Success for Pud for All Seasons!

Pud for All Seasons, a specialized handmade pudding manufacturer in Australia, ran a Facebook Campaign with the help of WebAlive’s Social Media Marketing team that brought tremendous success to sales.

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A Functional ecommerce Website for Outdoor Emporium

Outdoor Emporium looked for a robust eCommerce system that would effectively display their wide range of quality garden statues, garden pots and planters for the customers Australia wide. WebAlive developed a streamlined website that facilitated their management process and elegantly displayed their wide range of products in a series of enticing categories.

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A Strategically Organised Website for Formidable Business

WebAlive was commissioned by Formidable Business to create a website that would work as an online coaching system for the time poor business owners. WebAlive developed a streamlined website that was easy to use, flexible in design and appealing to the target audience.

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