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Web Design Services

Making people and businesses of all sizes stand out among the busy internet crowd by designing breathtaking websites.
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We are at the forefront of emerging trends, designing mobile responsive websites with superb performance and great usability. Our websites analyse how your visitors first approach your site and combine this knowlege with the best web design principles to get the job done in the modern web world when looking pretty is not enough to ensure conversions.

Wide Range of
Platforms Options

WebAlive offers a wide range of platform options to choose from when designing your website. We specialise in popular Open Source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and OpenCart and have designed thousands of websites and applications over the years.

In addition, we have our own proprietary platforms WebConsole and WebCommander which combine our decade long experience and proven track record with thousands of successful websites and streamlined content management systems.

This means that WebAlive can make recommendation of a platform based on your technical competency, content type and content management preferences. A website that is built on lasting, flexible technology is a huge advantage for a business. At WebAlive, we believe that a website is an incredible asset for any business but managing the website should not become a liability.

Multi Device

Responsive Web experience

Today we view sites on a huge variety of screen sizes across desktops, televisions, mobiles, tablets and wearables, because of this it can be a challenge to make your website respond dynamically all the options.

As we see the varieties of device sizes making the concept of uniformity obsolete, our website designers use the best of breed frameworks to prototype and develop techniques so that your content and navigation are user-friendly across all these devices.

Wether you require a single-backend responsive web design website that adapts your content across multitude of devices and sizes, or you require separate mobile specific site to deliver targeted content and functionality, or a mobile first design, WebAlive's responsive web design team will offer you options that will stand the test of time. We ensure that you have the best long-term return of your investment even when the technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed.

Custom Web Design Approach

Look beautiful and be relevant, deliver your visitors what they are looking for more efficiently.


An average visitor to a website leaves within the first 10 secondss, unless they are impressed. We create stunning websites that draw people in so they have time to fall in love with your brand. Our graphic design team bring the skill set to incorporate your brand's guidelines, or develop new guidelines for you if they are needed. If it's not clean and easy on the eyes, it's not going to keep people's attention. Our UI/UX team custom builds the interface and interaction so the process becomes less about chance and more about science.


If you can retain your visitor for more than 30 seconds, they will generally browse more extensively. Our websites are intuitive, navigation friendly and allow your visitors to remain in control. The information and it's placement need to be optimal for the user to scan, skim then read and explore. What does the company do? How are they different and better than others? Credentials? Experience? If the design is action and navigation science based, visitors will stay beyond 59 secs and if they do, they are likely to make contact and convert.


WebAlive offers a range of options for you to conveniently manage your website content yourself. Because at the end of the day, it all comes to how fresh and up to date your content is! Be it a Do-it-yourself website or a custom designed website, we provide you with an easy-to-use content management system so that you can conveniently update your website content. If you are a busy professional and delegate the website management work to us, we offer website maintenance options where our experts take care of your website updates while you are busy doing what do best.

Custom Features for your Website

Entice visitors by offering them options to interact with your website. Some of WebAlive off-the-shelf website solutions are designed to easily build manage so that you can bring in innovation and customisation on how you present yourself to the customers.

  • Original Custom Design

    Original Custom

    Stand out from the crowd in today's web savvy market by customising your design to exactly suit your needs. A professionally designed site means you will be taken seriously in your industry.

  • Original Custom Design

    Intuitive Navigation

    The best kind of navigation is the kind you don't really have to think about, we design beautiful, easy to use menus so your content can speak for itself.

  • Professional Website

    Professional Website
    Content Layout

    Let your brand shine through our professional website designs, helping you stay relevant and modern while providing an all important point of contact for your customers.

  • Beautiful, Market-Savvy

    Beautiful, Market-Savvy
    ‘Home’ Page

    The most important page on your site. Draw in your customers and keep them engaged with one of our beautiful designs.

  • nteractive Rotating  Image Banner

    Interactive Rotating
    Image Banner

    Beautiful, interactive image banners engage your audience and provide great opportunities to showcase your latest offerings.

  • Google Analytics Setup

    Google and Analytics

    We can seamlessly integrate Google Analytics so you can keep track of how your site is performing, what is working and what isn't.

  • Google Analytics Setup

    Great call-to-action

    Give your customers every opportunity to engage with you with call-to-action opportunities throughout your site. We understand how to effectively capture your audience and can design the best way to connect with them.

  • Site-Wide

    Site-Wide ‘Contact’
    or ‘Quote’ Form

    Give customers every opportunity to get in touch by providing an easy to use point of contact on every page.

  • Custom Contact Us

    Custom ‘Contact Us’

    Provide your complete contact details, location maps and even select personnel details so people can choose how they would like to get in touch.

  • Opt In Email Signup

    Opt In Email Signup
    for Email Marketing

    Newsletters allow us to market to our target audience with the greatest of ease, from communicating important updates, to keeping them informed on your latest offers.

  • Social Media Links

    Social Media Links

    Most people use social media at least once every day. Keep all your customers informed with regular updates so you are always on their mind.

  • Essential SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Get ahead of your competitors by engaging SEO to channel more traffic to your site with specially selected keywords that are chosen specifically for you.

  • Blog or News Page

    Blog or News Page

    Engage regularly with your audience to maximise contact and boost your ranking on Google. Keep your site visitors up to date and give them a reason to visit again.

  • Image or  Video Gallery

    Image and
    Video Gallery

    Enrich the experience of visiting your site by adding compelling visual content. Showcase your products, services and events and label by subject or date for easy access for your clients.

  • Categorised Image or Video Gallery

    Products and Services

    To increase the chances that your products will be included in relevant categories in Google searches, we produce highly structured information on your products or services, specially optomised for searching.

  • Categorised Image or Video Gallery

    Profile and Testimonials

    Show prospective customers how satisfied your current customers are and encourage them to engage with you from the first time they visit.

  • Categorised Image or Video Gallery

    eCommerce to
    sell online

    eCommerce is an ever growing market. If you're a retailer, to tackle your biggest competitors you will most likely have to sell your product online. We create beautiful, functional, fully integrated web stores to make this a breeze.

  • Mobile Responsive Option

    Mobile Responsive

    Everyone browses the internet on their phones and tablets, to corner these customers, it is essential to have a responsive site that changes depending on the device your customer uses to access your information.

What makes a good Adwords campaign?

Website to Web Application

Imagination and constant growth in technology is allowing clever businesses to stay ahead of the competition and support new innovations.

  • Automate your business processes with a clever website to increase speed or cut cost
  • React instantly and intuitively to customer needs
  • Integrate your business tools such as CRM, Accounting System for accuracy and efficiency
  • Store data so you can produce useful analytics and business intelligence

WebAlive’s web design team can assist you with ideas and find solutions so that you can leverage the power of IT and help your business to flourish.

Traffic & Conversions

eCommerce, Mobility and Social Media

Take advantage of the rapid growth of eCommerce, mobile integration and social media to capitalise on changes in how people search, learn, interact and shop online in the modern connected world.

Shopping online is easier than ever and the number of online consumers is constantly growing, eCommerce can make a huge difference in successfully reaching and trading with your customers.

Offering shopping options to people on the go is more important now than ever before, providing an intuitively designed responsive site will encourage your customers to purchase from you no matter where they are.

Connecting with your clients and customers is essential for success, one of the most powerful tools to help you do this is social media. Having a well-designed, well maintained presence on several platforms will improve your chances of engaging your target audience.

We bring the experience and resources to handle high level strategy, accurate planning, design, programming, testing and training.

What makes a good Adwords campaign?

Custom CMS

You may have a CMS for your Internet or Intranet, but there are times when you need a specific feature, more control or special accessibility which off-the-shelf CMS can't offer.

  • Apply a defined structure to your content so you can populate your site more easily.
  • Give your site a more coherent look and feel with more consistent in rendering your pages.
  • Control your content with ease with the latest tailor made management systems.
  • Analyse your results so you can better understand what is working for you and what isn't.

The team at WebAlive have many years’ experience and have all this in mind when they speak with you to determine what will suit you best.

Recent Website Designs

WebAlive asists hundreds of clients build and maintain their web presence. From small businesses to large organisations, we have helped a huge range of people get better results online. Here are some of our most recent projects

What our clients say about us

  • I really liked WebAlive’s website designs

    I really liked WebAlive’s website designs – they are unique, clean, intuitive and easy to browse through for visitors. The WebAlive team also worked very closely with me in my SEO and PPC campaigns, ensuring that I’m using the right keywords and descriptions, and placing me in the right search engines to boost my online exposure.!

    David Cumming, Custom Sheds
  • After analysing my requirements

    After analysing my requirements, WebAlive designed a self-managed website for me. I’ve never owned a website in my life and I loved the idea of uploading and updating information easily myself.  The best thing is that after it went live, a lot of my business actually came through the website..

    James Baker, Not Just A Painter
  • I had a talk with WebAlive

    I had a talk with WebAlive about my needs for this campaign and they proceeded to build my website. I’ve had great feedback on how the site looked, and how easy it is to scroll through the site.  With an easy to maintain website, this freed me to concentrate on raising awareness and funds – which is what Photo For Freedom is about.

    Tom Goldner, Photo For Freedom
  • We were going to live and die by how easy

    We were going to live and die by how easy our website was to navigate and some of the feedback I have had from customers to date has been very positive - very easy to navigate, very crisp and clean with the imagery and certainly no bugs from areas they haven’t been able to work through quickly and efficiently.

    Ben Wright, The Market Runners
  • Normally you go to websites

    Normally you go to websites where it’s just too cluttered, too much traffic on it and you don’t know where to click – ours is just simple and smart and clean and that’s what we kept getting feedback on.

    Michael Condos, Order and Save
  • Before, whenever I wanted to make a change to my website

    Before, whenever I wanted to make a change to my website I would have to send it off to a third party which could take a few weeks for the changes to be implemented and they weren’t always correct, whereas WebAlive had a product that put me in control and enabled me to produce the website that I wanted.

    Mark Lanig, Formidable Business

Web Design Process

Creating a successful website requires a large range skills to be unified in a harmonic way. It is very similar to building a house. WebAlive applies a decade long, proven process in web design guided by experienced Project Manager.


"Your project management makes contact"


Your Project Manager assists you to complete your briefs, collate your contents and gather your thoughts.



We help you organise your information architecture, formulate a content plan and identify a suitable user experience.


A journey is taken to understand demographics and competition, paving the path to an accurate and actionable strategy.


"We design the concept"


UX and UI teams get started with designing your site's wireframe, to define the structure and interactions.



We help identify your brand, or use your existing brand to establish a consistent and appealing look and feel.


We take a deep look, review, improve and finalise the concepts, then your project moves to the next stage.


"We develop the website"


We offer our ideas on technology and platform selection based on your technical skill and ongoing content management strategy.



As Developers get started with the build, we provide you with demo URL so that you are kept in the loop and can point out any changes.


Our content team populates your website with information such as text, images, and product catalogues.

Going Live

"We website goes live"


We perform cross-browser, cross-device functionality, user acceptance and performance testing to ensure a fully optimised site.



Our training team provide with you with the essential knowledge on how you can manage the website from behind the scenes.

Going Live

Finally, the website is made live!

Maintenance and Support

"We Look after you"


WebAlive's industry leading support is always just a phone call away. Our experts will be able to help you with any problems you run into with your site and get you back on track.



We offer a number of maintenance options if you require us to maintain your website or upgrade the platform ensuring a smooth journey for your website into the future.

Ongoing improvement

We can enhance your site with services like SEO management, email marketing and social media management so you can be sure your site will be found by all the right people.


Because every website has its own individual goals and target audience, we like to be as collaborative as possible. We want to make sure that our customers get the most value for money so all of our solutions are designed to be very cost effective. Usually we begin by speaking with you, so that we can develop a greater understanding of your requirements and background. We then tailor a package that fits your requirements, focusing on your priorities. This means we can come up with an accurate road map that fits your unique situation.

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Suite 910, 9 Yarra St South Yarra, VIC 3141
Servicing thousands of happy customers across the globe
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So, apart from the fact that the whole crowd will come rushing to only you,

Why WebAlive?



To us, it’s personal. We love building the best websites around and we are continually improving our knowledge and refining our processes.



We bring a full deck of skills and talents to the table so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. WebAlive can save you time, money and stress.



We look at your specific situation and individual needs before we make a recommendation that is entirely tailored to you.



Without on-going support, you will be lost. WebAlive is an industry leader in support, so you’ll never find yourself out of your depth.